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Tea For All

16 Oz / 20 Oz / Personal Pot / Large Pot Ask For Today's Daily Brew (Take Out Only) 16 Oz $1.99, 20 Oz $2.19. Add Soy Milk $0.40, Add Bubbles $0.75

Premium     2.49  2.69  3.19  5.89
Rare     2.79  6.19  3.69  2.99
Exotic     7.49  4.29  3.39  3.59
Chai     3.19  6.49  3.89  3.49


Traditionally All Indian Drink. Our Chai Is Spiced Tea Served Unsweetened, With Steamed Whole, Skim Or Soy Milk

#110. Masala Chai* indian tea spiced with cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper and vanilla. india  
#127. Kashmiri Chai* loaded with cardamom, peppermint, and nutmeg, this tea has a sweet, spicy taste. india  
#128. Tra Que Chai* although it also contains nutmeg and clove, it's all about the cinnamon here. india  
#126. Glaseng Green Tea Chai* tightly rolled green tea, ginger and ginseng make this lighter but no less enjoyable. india  
#119. Pumpkin Spice Chai* a blend of pumpkin, vanilla, and spices, this chai is great with honey. a fail favorite. india  
#129. Spicy Chai* lots of clove and cinnamon make this chai bold and spicy. india  
#120. Decaf Highland Chai* a unique blend of indian spices, vanilla, and black tea, but without the caffeine. india  


Without Additional Flavor. These Black Teas Are Left To Their Own Natural State To Drink And Enjoy

#101. Assam Organic* this organically grown assam tea is a malty and full bodied brew. it's delicious with or without milk. india  
#102. Irish Breakfast* a full bodied assam blend, best served with milk, a potent caffeinated cup. india  
#104. Golden Tippy Assam* this fine assam is malty and bold with large leaf tips adding full flavor and bouquet. india  
#215. Brattle Street English Breakfast* a hearty blend of ceylon and assam teas, this tea is great with or without milk. india  
#135. Golden Monkey* this superb keemun has a full, well rounded body with a velvety character. china  
#134. Koomun Hao Ya "B" this classic "red tea" , popular in britain, is lightly sweet and subtly smoky. china  
#184. Yalta Estate Ceylon* this ceylon brews light and sweet due to its long tightly rolled leaves, with a mint of natural vanilla. sri lanka  
#143. Tippy Yunnam* this tea has a slightly sweet, spicy, and smoky character, with a full body. china  
#122. Tiger Hill Nilgirl* this crisp medium body tea from the south of india has a subtle hint of mint. india  
#113. Makalbari 2nd Flush Darjeeling* this summer picked tea from india is a perfect balance of astringency and smoothness. india  
#112. Puttabong 2md Flush Darjeeling* a bright bouquet and wonderful complexity, termed the "champagne of tea". india  
#108. Risheat Estate 1st Flush Darjeeling* has a soft citrus flavor and leafy mellow aroma as it finishes with a natural light sweetness. india  
#100. Decafe Irish Breakfast* this assam is potent and satisfying, even without the caffeine. india  
#216. Decaf English Breakfast* this ceylon blend is a wonderful decaf version of our full strength breakfast tea. sri lanka  

Flavored Black

Black Teas To Which An Additional Unique And Natural Flavor Has Been Added

#125. Mango Mist* sweet and tangy mango is added to a b ceylon base. the result is a bright, fragrant tea. sri lanka  
#160. Peachy White* black tea with the natural essence of white peaches, sweet and sensuous. china  
#161. Pear And Pomegranate* the combination of these two fruits creates a bouquet that envelops the drinker. sri lanka  
#183. Aloha Island Kiwi* this blend of kiwi, strawberry, and coconut create a flavorful and exotic cup. blend  
#189. Vanilla Peach Apricot* a smooth and fruity tea, medium bodied and refreshing. blend  
#209. Lady Londonderry* flavored with bits of lemon and strawberry, this is the favorite blend of royal ladies in the british isles. sri lanka  
#212. Harvard Square Earl Grey* our signature blend of ceylon black tea and oil of bergamot has a delicious balance of body and aroma. sri lanka  
#217. Charles Street Decaf Earl Grey* a decaffeinated version of earl grey, aromatic and floral. a great cup of tea any time of day or night. india  
#214. Extra Bergamot Earl Grey* china black tea with an extra dose of bergamot, more traditional and favored by the english. india  
#211. Creme De La Earl Grey* classic earl grey with a hint of vanilla and cream, it's reminiscent of childhood birthday cakes. india  
#207. Raspberry Earl Grey* the fresh flavor of earl grey with the added sweetness of raspberry. sri lanka  
#213. Blue Flower Earl Grey* also called lady grey, this black tea is flavored with bergamot oil blue mallow blossoms. sri lanka  
#208. Buckingham Palace Garden Party* this earl grey is blended with aromatic jasmine petals and sweet blue cornflowers. india  
#103. Irish Cream* a ceylon black tea flavored with irish cream to heighten the experience. sri lanka  
#142. Victorian Rose Tea* this chinese black congou tea is layered with rose petals imparting a decadent aroma. china  
#192. Caramel Creme Brulees* a fine Ceylon tea with added caramel, a great after dinner tea. sri lanka  
#200. Copley Square Vanilla* this soothing black tea flavored with vanilla bean is a nice 'comfort' tea. excellent with milk and sugar. sri lanka  
#242. Vanilla & Jasmine* the tastiness of good ceylon vanilla tea with the added sweetness of jasmine. sri lanka  
#191. Monks Blend* ceylon black tea with vanilla and grenadine yields a smooth flavorful brew. sri lanka  
#248. Gingerbread* Ceylon black tea flavored with bits of ginger, cinnamon, and orange, sri lanka  
#141. Imperial Lapsang Souchong* this very smoky tea is dried over smoldering pine logs to impart its savory flavor. china  
#218. Orange & Echinacea* echinacea blended with back tea, ginger, and orange for a delicious tea that may help you beat that cold blend  
#121. Threat Tender* slippery elm, cherry bark, cardamom, clove, and black tea merge in this throat soothing brew. blend  
#231. Black Cherry* an uplifting, luscious scent with delicious flavor and real bits of rips cherry. sri lanka  
#157. Decaf Apricot Arabesque* aromatic apricot blossoms added to decaf black tea brews smooth and sweet. china  


#170. China Oolong* oolongs combine the aspects of both green and black teas for a smooth, well rounded flavor. china  
#165. Ri Quan Yin* a nutty and fragrant high grade of oolong, this tea is fit for an iron goddess. china  


Green Tea Is Also With Documented To Be Healthful. Here We Offer Some Traditional And Flavored Teas To Enjoy.

#145. Young Hyson* this light chinese green has a subtle floral scent and a light body with a gentle sweet flavor. china  
#146. Organic Gunpowder the rolled leaves give this earth tea its name. a popular green tea throughout the world. china  
#147. Lung Ching Dragonwell* lung ching brews a light, clear cup; the quintessential chinese green tea. china  
#178. Traditional Byokuro* often ceremonially, it is among the highest quality with its full body and sweetness. japan  
#181. Gen Mal Cha* this blend of sencha tea and toasted rice is often served with traditional japanese cuisine. japan  
#179. Pear & Geen Tea* a light green tea with added pear essence. add a little sugar to highlight the fruit flavor. japan  
#162. Dragon Peari Jasmine* these hand rolled "pearls" of tea are dried between layers of jasmine petals. china  
#164. Yin Hao Jasmine* yin hao is the finest grade of chinese greens. this tea is scanted with jasmine blossoms. china  
#156. Royal Coconut Pouchong* like a sojourn in the south pacific. bold pouchong tea flavored with fresh coconut  
#193. Strawberry Sencha* this blend of japanese green tea and dried strawberries makes a wonderfully fruity tea. japan  
#197. Moroccan Mint* gunpowder china green tea is combined with spearmint, a blend very popular in north africa. china  
#174. Japanese Sencha* a bright full bodied tea with a light vegetal finish, sencha is the quintessential japanese green tea. japan  
#163. Raspberry Geen* a dreamy blend of bold raspberry in a pure china green tea. china  
#169. Vanilla Green* a natural sweet tasting vanilla flavor makes this an exquisite green tea. china  
#150. Ducat Green a superior decaf green tea from china. this decaffeinating process allows the leaves to retain their shape and flavor. china  
#152. Decaf Green Mango* a superior decaf tea from china flavored with bits of mango. china  
#154. Decaf Green Ginger Peach* a superior decaf tea from china flavored with bits of golden peaches and ginger. china  

Herbal Infusions

All Decaf

#136. Kir Royale* black currant and berries create a sweet herbal blend that makes great tea, iced or hot. blend  
#137. Papaya And Pineapple* a light and refreshing herbal blend with bits of papaya and pineapple. blend  
#210. Lady Hannah* a blend of dried fruits including blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry, refreshing hot or iced, blend  
#235. Rote Grutze (Red Groats)* a tart herbal tea made from red berries, hibiscus, and raisins, lots of vitamin c. south africa  
#227. Orange with ginger, anise, ginseng, and orange, this tea is sweet, or can be spicy if brewed longer. blend  
#224. Lemongrass* this light refreshing tea has a natural, subtle citrus sweetness. blend  
#236. Strawberry Apple* made from real dried fruit, this brightly flavored tea tastes great any season  
#245. Organic Jamaica Red Bush* rooibos, honey bush, hibiscus, spices, and natural fruit flavors combine to make this exceptional blend. south africa  
#247. Thayer Street Medicinal Blend this blend of three medicinal teas (rooibos, ginger ginseng and mint) is refreshing and healthy. blend  
#232. Ginger* a combination of Siberian ginseng, and american ginger with claming properties. blend  
#201. Chamomile Classic* this classic egyptian herbal has long been known for its soothing flavor, and gentle sweet aroma. Egypt  
#223. Organic Peppermint* potent and delicious, peppermint has long been used to soothe upset stomachs and headaches. usa  
#226. Spearmint* like a brisk walk on a snow covered trail, this 100% herbal spearmint leaf is quit refreshing. blend  
#229. Sweet Chamomile Mint* egyptian chamomile and peppermint together to soothe an upset stomach or melt away our stress. blend  
#234. Blend* a delightful, calming blend of lemon, chamomile, mint, jasmine, strawberry, and lavender. blend  
#230. Blend* lemongrass, cardamon, ginger, and mint blend to create and herbal beverage reminiscent of chai. blend  


#202. Guayaki Yerba Mate* this herbal stimulant is full of vitamins and minerals, promoting energy and clarity without jitters. argentina  
#204. Dark Roast Mate* an excellent coffee substitute. this dark roasted mate brews a strong cup and is an excellent coffee substitute, with it's herbal stimulant. argentina  
#206. Vanilla Nut Mate* healthy. stimulating yerba mate with added vanilla, hazelnut and a pinch of nutmeg. argentina  
#205. Peppermint Mate* a special blend of our own peppermint and yerba mate teas makes for a stimulating yet refreshing cup of mate. argentine  
#203. Mocha Mate* with a natural herbal stimulant this roasted yerba mate is blended with mocha and the ramon nut. argentina  


#246. Passionfruit Rooibos* green rooibos, lemon myrtle, and all natural flavors make a truly unique flavor. south africa  
#245. Organic Jamaica Red Bush rooibos, honey bush, hibiscus, spices and natural fruit flavors combine to make this exceptional blend. south africa  
#244. Wild Mint Rooibos* a soothing blend of african rooibos and mint. quite refreshing. blend  
#243. Vanilla Rooibos* caffeine free, south african tea with impressive health benefits. it's taste is rich, mildly aromatic and slightly sweet. south africa  
#240. Orange Rooibos* refreshingly fruity herbal tea with real citrusy orange flavor, soft and pleasant to the taste. south africa  
#241. Almond Rooibos* an almond and cream taste with all natural ingredients. its magnificent and lush taste will drive you nuts for more. south africa  
#249. Peach Rooibos* sweet and tangy vitamin burst, deliciously soothing and mild. south africa  
#225. Red Bush Rooibos* authentic south african drink made form the wild red bush incredibly healthy, soft and pleasant to the taste- often used as a coffee substitute. south africa  


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