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Taam China Restaurant

  • $
  • Chinese, Kosher
  • 423 Harvard St, Brookline 02446 42.345505 -71.1273
  • (Btwn Coolidge & Fuller St)
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  • (617) 264-7274
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A1. Vegetarian Roll    (1) 2.25
A2. Egg Roll    (1) 2.25
A3. Scallion Pancake     6.25
A4. Vegetable Ravioli steamed or pan fried   (6) 6.25
A5. Peking Ravioli steamed or pan fried   (6) 7.25
A6. Sesame Cold Noodle     5.95
A7. Chicken Wings     5.95
A8. Chicken Fingers     7.25
A9. Beef Teriyaki    (6) 8.95
A10. Chicken Teriyaki    (6) 8.25
A11. Chicken Dumplings    (6) 6.25
A12. Vegetarian Spring Roll    (2) 4.95
A14. Barbecue Spareribs     12.95
A15. Fried Wonton With Mandarin Sauce     6.25
A16.Pu Pu Platter chicken wings, chicken fingers, egg rolls, beef teriyaki, fried wonton   (for 2) 19.95


S1. Egg Drop Soup     2.95
S2. Wonton Soup     2.95
S3. Hot And Sour Soup *    2.95
S4. Egg Drop With Wonton Soup     2.95
S5. Chicken Rice Or Noodle Soup     2.95
S6. Chicken With Vegetable Soup    (for 2) 6.95
S7. Bean Curd With Tomato Soup    (for 2) 5.95
S8. Shredded Chicken With Corn Soup    (for 2) 6.95
S9. House Special Soup    (for 2) 7.95
S10. Fish Fillet With Tofu And Vegetable     7.95

Chef Specialties

SP1. House Special Minced Chicken marinated chicken breast sauteed with vegetables topped with pine nuts and served with lettuce    14.50
SP2. General Gau's Chicken * crispy chunks of chicken with our special sweet sauce    14.50
SP3. Orange Flavor Chicken* * crispy chunks of chicken cooked in chef's orange sauce    14.50
SP4. Sesame Chicken crispy chunks of chicken cooked with sesame sauce    14.50
SP5. Da Chien Chicken * crispy chunks of chicken with green pepper and celery in hot & spicy sauce    14.50
SP6. Szechuan Crispy Chicken * thin sliced chicken breast light coated with our house special sauce    14.50
SP7. Orange Flavor Beef * crispy chunks of beef with chef's orange sauce    15.95
SP8. Sesame Beef crispy chunks of beed cooked with sesame sacue    15.95
SP9. Szechuan Crispy Beef * thin slicedbeef light coated with our house special sauce    15.95
SP10. Happy Family chicken breast, tenderloin of beef, juicy fillet of veal and mixed vegetables sauted in our chef's wonderful brown sauce    15.95
SP11. Hunan Special Half & Half * half dish of shredded beef in pekin sauce and half dish of shredded chicken in garlic sauce    15.95
SP12. Steak Kew chunks of rib steak mixed with selected vegetables in brown sauce    21.95
SP13. Broiled Rib Steak broiled rib steak with steamed vegetables    21.95
SP14. Chou Yu Kew fish fillet with selected garden vegetables in white sauce    16.95
SP15. Fish Fillet With Garlic Sauce *    16.95
SP16. Fish Fillet With Black Pepper Sauce fish fillet with green pepper and onion in black pepper sauce    16.95
SP17. Fish Fillet With Chili Sauce *    16.95
SP18. Crispy Fish Fillet * deep fried crispy fish fillet on a bed of lettuce    16.95
SP19. Steamed Whole Fish steamed whole sea bass with scallion and ginger in our own light sauce    23.00
SP20. Hunan Whole Fish * deep fish whole sea bass with house special spicy sauce    23.00
SP21. Peking Duck tender pieces of roast duck surrounded by its crisp skin and scallion served with hoisin sauce and 4 or 8 pancakes.   half 19.00 whole 38.00
SP22. Fish Fillet With Black Bean Sauce     16.95
SP23. Fish Fillet With Tofu     16.95
SP24. Fish Fillet With Vegetables On Casserole     16.95
SP25. Fish Fillet With Tomato     16.95
SP26. Chinese Style Whole Fish     23.00


C1. Chicken With Fresh Mushroom     12.50
C2. Chicken With Snow Peapods     12.50
C3. Chicken With Mixed Vegetables     12.50
C4. Chicken With Broccoli     12.50
C5. Chicken With Ginger & Scallions     12.50
C6. Sweet And Sour Chicken     12.50
C7. Lemon Chicken     12.50
C8. Chicken With Black Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots     12.50
C9. Chicken With Cashew Nuts     12.50
C10. Hunan Chicken *    12.50
C11. Strange Flavor Chicken *    12.50
C12. Chan Liu Chicken *    12.50
C13. Kung Pao Chicken *    12.50
C14. Shredded Chicken With Garlic Sauce *    12.50
C15. Moo Shi Chicken With 4 Pancakes     12.50
C16. Steamed Chicken With Vegetables     12.50
C17. Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken     13.50
C18. Sizzling Rice Chicken     13.50
C19. Curry Chicken     13.50
C20. Slice Chicken With Tomato     13.50
C21. Pineapple Chicken     13.50
C22. Walnuts Chicken     13.50


B1. Beef With Fresh Mushroom     14.95
B2. Beef With Snow Peapods     14.95
B3. Beef With Mixed Vegetables     14.95
B4. Kung Pao Beef     14.95
B5. Beef With Broccoli     14.95
B6. Beef With Green Pepper     14.95
B7. Beef With Ginger & Scallions     14.95
B8. Hunan Beef *    14.95
B9. Chan Liu Beef *    14.95
B10. Shredded Beef With Garlic Sauce *    14.95
B11. Shredded Beef With Peking Sauce *    14.95
B12. Beef With Black Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots     14.95
B13. Moo Shi Beef With 4 Pancakes     14.95
B14. Peking Style Moo Shi Beef With 4 Pancakes *    14.95
B15. Sizzling Black Pepper Beef     15.95
B16. Mongolian Beef     15.95
B17. Shredded Beef With Long Hot Pepper     14.95
B18. Beef With String Bean     14.95
B19. Curry Beef     14.95


V1. Hunan Veal *    15.95
V2. Veal With Garlic Sauce     15.95
V3. Veal With Ginger & Scallions     15.95
V4. Veal With Mixed Vegetables     15.95
V5. Chung King Veal *    15.95
V6. Moo Shi Veal With 4 Pancakes     15.95
V7. Veal With Fresh Mushroom     15.95
V8. Sizzling Black Pepper Veal     16.95

Vegetables $9.95

T1. Vegetarian's Delight   
T2. Sauteed String Beans   
T3. Broccoli With Garlic Sauce *  
T4. String Bean With Garlic Sauce *  
T5. Mixed Vegetables With Garlic Sauce *  
T6. Home Style Bean Curd   
T7. Szechuan Style Bean Curd *  
T8. Hon Sue Bean Curd   
T9. Fresh Mushroom With Snow Peapods   
T10. Moo Shi Vegetables with 4 pancakes  
T11. Egg Plant With Garlic Sauce *  
T12. Deep Fried Minced Bean Curd   
T13. Bean Curd With Black Bean Sauce   
T14. Black Mushroom With Shanghai Greens   
T15. Chinese Cabbage With Tofu On Casserole   
T16. Deep Fried Eggplant With Special Sauce   
T17. Black Mushroom With Bean Curd   
T18. Sauteed Cauliflower   
T19. Kong Pao Tofu *  

Rice & Noodles

R1. Fried Rice with your choice of: chicken, beef, veal, vegetables or house special    7.95
L1. Lo Mein with your choice of: chicken, beef, veal, vegetables or house special    8.95
P1. Pan Fried Noodles with your choice of: chicken, beef, veal, vegetables or house special    11.95
W1. White Rice     1.00
W2. Brown Rice     2.00

Luncheon Specials $7.50

Monday-Thursday: 11am-3pm, Friday: 11am-3pm Except Holidays. Served With Hot & Sour Soup Or Egg Drop Soup And Fried Or Steamed Rice. *Hot & Spicy

L1. Chicken With Broccoli   
L2. Chicken With Garlic Sauce *  
L3. Sweet & Sour Chicken   
L4. Chicken With Cashew Nuts   
L5. Chicken With Fresh Mushroom   
L6. Kung Pao Chicken *  
L7. Hunan Chicken *  
L8. Shredded Beef With Peking Sauce *  
L9. Beef With Green Pepper   
L10. Beef With Broccoli   
L11. Beef With Snow Peapods   
L12. Beef With Garlic Sauce   
L13. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables   
L14. Home Style Bean Curd   
L15. Fresh Mushroom With Snow Peapods   


Taam China Restaurant
423 Harvard St
Btwn Coolidge & Fuller St
(617) 264-7274
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