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Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine

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  • Thai
  • 1671 Beacon St, Brookline 02446 42.338659 -71.137582
  • (at Winthrop Rd)
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  • (617) 738-1455
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A1. Chicken Satay     5.50
A2. Thai Spring Roll     4.75
A3. Tofu Triangles     4.75
A4. Chicken Or Veg Or Shrimp Tempura     5.50
A5. Tod Mon fried fish cake    6.70
A6. Crab Rangoon     5.75
A7. Siamese Peking Ravioli steamed / fried    5.50
A8. Chicken Wings     5.50
A9. Golden Triangles     5.50
A10. Scallion Pancake     5.75

Special Appetizers

Shrimp Shumai   
Fried Chive Dumpling   
Thai Crab Nugget   
Curry Puff   
Shrimp In The Blanket   

Soups $3.40

S1. Hot And Sour ** with shrimp  
S2. Hot And Sour ** with chicken  
S3. Coconut with chicken  
S4. Vegetable with shrimp or tofu.  
S5. Hot And Sour Veg And Tofu **  
S6. Bean Thread with shrimps  


Thai fresh vegetable, lectuce, cucumber, carrot, tomato, tofu & egg with peanut sauce    5.25
Chicken Beef Or Shrimp fresh vegetable, lectuce, cucumber, carrot & tomato with peanut sauce    5.95
Special Rod Dee fresh vegetable, lectuce, carrot, tomato, cucumber, celery, almonds, crispy noodle & chicken in a special sauce    6.40
Somtum ** green papaya. with dried shrimp and peanut in special sweet, spicy,sour, lime juice.    6.90


E1. Yam Seafood ** shrimp & squid mixed with chili paste, lemongrass, lime juice, tomato, mushroom & scallions    10.45
E2. Chef Vegetarian Tofu tofu sauteed with fresh vegetables    10.45
E3. Nam Sod ** round chicken or pork mixed with ginger, chili, peanuts, lime juice, red onion & scallion    10.45
E4. Luck Samee Long Song crispy chicken sauteed with peanut sauce and lectuce    10.45
E5. Drunken Chicken Or Squid ** freshly chopped chicken or squid stir fried in a chili sauce with string bean, mushroom, scallion, green pepper and carrots    14.00
E6. Tamarind Duck chunks of roasted boneless duck with carrot and baby corn in tamarind sauce.    14.00
E7. Bangkok Duck crispy boneless duckon a bed of mixed vegetables and black sweet sauce.    14.00
E8. Yum Neau ** spicy grill beef salad. beef slice mixed with chili paste, tomato, cucumber, lemongrass, red onion, scallion & lemon juice.    10.45
E9. Pra Koong shrimp mixed with chili paste tomato, cucumber, mushroom carrot, lemongrass, red onion, scallion & lemon juice    10.45
E10. Yum Wun Sen ** bean thread, shrimp, squid & ground pork mixed with chili paste, red onion, scallion & lemon juice    10.45
E11. Larb ** ground chicken or pork or beef mixed with red onion, scallion, lime juice & mint    10.45
E12. Pad Wun Sen shrimp, chicken, tofu & egg sauteed with carrot, mushroom celery, broccoli, onion, scallion, bean thread & napa    10.45

House Sauteed Plates

Pork     10.00  6.90
Chicken     10.00  6.90
Tofu     10.00  6.90
Beef     10.45  7.55
Shrimp     10.45  7.55
Squid     10.45  7.55
Seafood     10.45  7.55
Duck     12.45  8.20
R1. Cashew Nuts And Onion * with carrot, mushroom, green pepper, celery scallion and pineapple.  
R2. Ginger And Mushroom with carrot, scallion, green pepper and onion.  
R3. Hot Basil And Chili ** with onion, carrot, mushroom & greenpepper.  
R4. Baby Corn And Mushroom with onion, and scallion.  
R5. Broccoli And Black Bean Sauce with mushroom and carrot.  
R6. Sweet And Sour Sauce with assorted vegetables.  
R7. Spicy Bamboo And Chili ** with onion, carrot, green pepper and scallion.  
R8. Garlic And Snow Peas with onion, baby corn.  
R9. Pineapple And Curry Powder with green pepper, onion, carrot and scallion.  
R10. Ram Long Song with mixed vegtable served with peanut sauce.  

Curry In Coconut Milk

C1. Red Curry And Bamboo Shoot * with basil, green pepper and carrot  
C2. Green Curry And Green Peas ** with eggplant, string beans, basil, bamboo shoots, and green pepper.  
C3. Yellow Curry And Pineapple * with onion, potatoes, carrot, green pepper and curry powder.  
C4. Massaman Curry * with potatoes, pineapple, onion carrot & peanut  
C5. Vegetarian Curry * with assorted vegetable and tofu  
C6. Panang Curry * with green peas, snow peas, carrot green pepper and basil.  
C7. Choo Chee Curry * with pineapple, green pepper, green peas, carrot, snow peas, string beans & basil.  
C8. Mango Curry add with onion, green pepper and carrot.    1.00

Special Rice Plates

Pad Kra Pao ** ground chicken or pork. hot basil thai style.    7.60
Pad Kra Pao beef or seafood    7.95
Moo Gra Tiam chicken or pork. garlic thai style    7.60
Moo Gra Tiam beef    7.95
Kao Nar Ped roasted duck, chiness broccoli & egg with blacksweet sauce.    8.40
Spicy Eggplant ** with tofu & basil sauce.    8.20
Spicy Crispy Chicken **    8.20
Pad Pak Ruam Mit tofu sauteed with mixed vegetables.    7.55
Pad Paradise ** shrimp, chicken, snow peas, string beans, green pepper, carrot, onion and cashew nuts with a delicious sauce.   (sm on rice) 7.55 lg 10.45
Spicy Crispy Squid ** with carrot, hot pepper and bell pepper.    8.40
Kai Himmapan * crispy white meat chicken with pineapple, tomato,cashew nut and onion in roasted chili sauce.    8.20
Pla Rod Dee salmon or fillet of tilapia with your choice of sauce (garlic sauce, ginger sauce, sweet chili garlic sauce*, spicy basil sauce**)    10.50

Special Dishes

Crispy Pad Thai crispy yellow noodle  
Pad Thai with crispy chicken  
Spicy Pat-Pong ** ground meat with spicy spicy basil sauce, bamboo and string bean on rice  
Pad Thai Basil ** stir-fried rice noodle with mixed vegetables, ground meat and spicy basil.  
Imperial Tofu ground chicken or pork with ginger sauce and vegetables on top of tofu served with rice.  
Spicy Pattaya ** sauteed mixed vegetables and tofu in homemade curry sauce on rice (without coconut milk)  
Pik King * spicy string bean with chicken or beef or pork on rice.  
Boat Noodle Soup * beef or pork. thai style noodle soup with meat and meatball  
Honey Sesame Chicken   
Pad Ka Na * stir-fried chiness broccoli with pork or chicken on rice.  
Kao Moo Dang roasted pork, crispy pork and thai pork sausage with red b.b.q. sauce on rice.  
Silver Noodle bean thread noodle with chicken, shrimp, chiness broccoli, bean sprout, egg, carrot and mushroom  
Thai Sukiyaki * soup or dry. bean thread noodle with napa, water cress in red bean curd sauce and egg.  
Mango Crispy Chicken Or Crispy Duck with baby corn, onion, mushroom, carrot and bell pepper on rice  
Soft Shell Cab with sweet chili sauce or spicy basil sauce or garlic sauce  
Steamed Beef And Beef Tendon Soup noodle or rice.  
Steamed Duck Leg Soup noodle or rice  
Crystal Pad Thai   
B.B.Q. Pork Thai Style with rice or sticky rice  


Salmon Choo Chee ** sauteed salmon in choo chee curry, snow peas, green pepper, tomatoes and green peas.    14.25
Squid Pik Pow squid sauteed with chili paste, broccoli, baby corn, mushroom, ginger, carrot, scallion & onions    10.45
Fried Fillet Of Tilapia with your choic of sauce (gralic sauce, ginger sauce, sweet chili sauce* or spicy basil sauce**)    14.25
Golden Shrimp shrimp sauteed with ginger, mushroom, onion, egg, curry powder, scallion & baby corn.    10.45
Seafood Honeymoon shrimp & squid sauteed with baby corn, mushroom, onion,broccoli & carrots.    10.45
Shrimp Delight sauteed shrimp in red curry, carrots, onion pineapple, scallion, curry powder, egg &green pepper    10.45
Pla Rad Pik ** fried whole fish topped with special garlic & chili sauce  
Pla Choo Chee ** fried whole fish topped with choo chee curry sauce & vegetables.  

Thai Noodles

N1. Pad Thai shrimp & chicken or vegetable & tofu with egg & peanut    7.55
N2. Pad See You Chicken pork or tofu    7.55
N3. Pad See You Beef Or Seafood     7.95
N4. Rad Nar Chicken pork or tofu    7.55
N5. Rad Nar Beef seafood    7.95
N6. Pan Fried Rice Noodle with duck    8.40
N7. Pan Fried Rice Stick Noodle with duck    8.40
N8. Bar Mee Rad Nar crispy yellow noodle  
N8. Bar Mee Rad Nar chicken, pork or tofu    7.55
N8. Bar Mee Rad Nar beef or seafood    7.95
N9. Pad Kee Mao ** chicken, pork or tofu. pan fried rice noodle    7.55
N9. Pad Kee Mao ** beef or seafood. with chiness broccoli, bamboo, string bean, carrot, basil    7.95
N10. Noodle Neau Sap chicken or pork. rice noodle with onion, carrot, tomatoes, lectuce scallion & baby corn    7.55
N10. Noodle Neau Sap beef    7.95
N11. Thai Lo Mein Noodle pan fried yellow noodles with chicken & shrimp mushroom, carrot, bamboo,bean sprout & broccoli    7.55
N12. Goi See Mee fried yellow noodle (crispy) with chicken & shrimp, onion, carrots, mushroom, bamboo, scallion & thai style gravy sauce    7.55
N13. Thai Noodle Soup chicken or pork    7.55
N13. Thai Noodle Soup beef or seafood    7.95
N14. Star Noodle pan fried rice noodle with shrimp, chicken, egg, carrots,mushroom, chiness broccoli, bean sprout    7.55
N15. Rod Dee Noodle pan fried rice stick noodle, shrimp, chicken, tofu, squid chiness broccoli & egg    7.95
N16. Tom Yum Noodles Soup ** sweet, spicy & sour thai noodle soup w/ seafood or ground chicken or pork or beef & ground peanut  
N16. Tom Yum Noodles Soup ** seafood.    8.15
N16. Tom Yum Noodles Soup ** beef    7.95
N16. Tom Yum Noodles Soup ** ground chicken or pork    7.55
N17. Kua Gai pan fried rice noodles, soy sauce, egg, chicken, scallion & sweet radish on a bed of lectuce.    7.55
N18. Kao Soi yellow noodle in curry sauce with chicken.    8.20

Fried Rice

F1. Rod Dee Fried Rice chicken & shrimp with assorted vegetables    7.55
F2. Chicken Or Pork Fried Rice with assorted vegetables.    7.55
F3. Crab Fried Rice with fried egg    8.60
F4. Shrimp Or Beef Fried Rice with assorted vegetables.    7.55
F5. Crispy Chicken On Egg Fried Rice     8.60
F6. Pineapple Fried Rice with chicken & shrimp, raisin, assorted vegetables & curry powder.    7.55
F7. Vegetable Fried Rice with tofu    7.55
F8. Basil Fried Rice ** ground beef    7.95
F8. Basil Fried Rice ** ground chicken or pork    7.55
F9. Roast Pork Or Duck Fried Rice     8.20
F10. Pik Pow Fried Rice ** beef    7.95
F10. Pik Pow Fried Rice ** chicken or pork    7.55
F11. Indonesia Fried Rice ** with crispy chicken & fried egg.    9.10
F12. Mango Fried Rice     8.20
F13. Tom Yum Fried Rice * with crispy chicken  
F13. Tom Yum Fried Rice chicken or pork    10.50
F13. Tom Yum Fried Rice seafood or beef    10.95


White Rice     1.60
Brown Rice     2.00
Sauce     0.50
Sticky Rice     2.00
Crispy Chicken     2.95


All Soda     1.05
All Juice ($1.75 to $2)  
Thai Iced Tea Or Thai Iced Coffee     2.95
Fruit Smoothies water melon, mango, strawberry, avocado or pineapple basil    4.00


D1. Fried Banana with honey  
D2. Roti thai sweet pancake roll  
D3. Thai Donut with sweet milk sauce  
D4. Mango with sweet sticky rice.  


Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine
1671 Beacon St
at Winthrop Rd
(617) 738-1455
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