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Appetizers & Soup

Homemade Roti Canai (Indian Pancake) it`s malaysian all time favorite, crispy style pancake & curry chicken dipping sauce.    4.50
Murtabak stuff pancake with minced beef, egg & onions    7.50
Roti Telur a traditional indian pancakes, filled with egg, onion. served with curry chicken dipping sauce.    6.75
Penang Satay Chicken / Beef marinated chicken or beef on skewers, charcoal grilled to perfection served with peanut sauce (malaysian specialities)    7.50
Satay crispy fried tofu stuffed with cucumber & bean sprouts, served with peanut sauce.    6.00
Penang Lobak (Combination) crispy fried spiced pork roll, fried tofu & fried shrimp pancake, served with two sauces, hoisin plum and chili.    8.95
Ipoh Bean Sprouts scald bean sprouts with chef's special sauce.    4.50
Curry With Young Tau Foo eggplant, bitter melon and tofu stuffed with minced fish, fish balls served in a clear chicken broth or curry soup.    8.25
Penang Poh Piah steamed malaysian spring roll stuffed with jicama bean sprouts and shrimp (vegetarian also available).    6.00
Baby Oyster Omelette With Egg malaysian favorite pan fried baby oyster with egg.    7.50
Baby Oyster Omelette With Egg shrimp or scallop add    2.00
Achat vegetable pickled in tumeric powder & ground peanut spicy herbs with sesame seeds.    5.75
Seaweed with seafood soup    7.25
Seafood with bean curd soup    7.25
Seafood Tomyam Soup     10.50
Salted Cabbage, Pork & Shrimp with bean curd soup    7.25
Bah Kut Teh chinese herb with pig feet, stomach, rib & fatty pork.   med 11.95 lg 15.95


Beef Rendang tender pieces of beef simmered with exotic spices (cinnamon, cloves) lemon grass in coconut milk.    15.00
House Special Pork With Dried Vegetables double cooked pork with dried vegetable in special brown sauce.    8.50
Spareribs Malaysian Style marinated spareribs lightly fried with sauce on the side.    11.50
King Pork Buff deep fried pork chop in an authentic b.b.q. sauce.    10.50
Hainanese Chicken steamed chicken (with bone & skin on) with chef's soy sauce.   half 10.75 whole 21.50
Spicy Thai Chicken chicken (with bone & skin on) served over chef`s special sauce.   half 11.25 whole 22.50
Penang Dried Curry Chicken chicken (with bone & skin on) cooked over low heat with lemon grass & chili paste then simmered in coconut curry.    13.00
Buddhist Yam Pot shaped fried taro stuffed with corn, snow peas & black mushroom topped with cashew nuts.    13.50
Buddhist Yam Pot add chicken    14.50
Buddhist Yam Pot add seafood    15.50
Mango Chicken shredded mango cooked with spicy sweet & sour sauce. served in mango shell.    15.50
Ginger Chicken sliced white chicken with ginger and scallion .    12.50


Crispy Golden Fried Squid marinated deep fried golden squid.    10.50
Penang House Special Squid sauteed squid and dried shrimp in authentic spicy sauce.    10.50
Penang Dried Curry Squid     10.50
Assam Ikan Bilis anchovies with shrimp paste, sliced onion, chili and tamarind sauce.    9.95

Casserole & Sizzling Platter

Chicken Feet With Chinese Mushroom please ask server for advice before you order!!!    9.95
Curry Beef Brisket Casserole     12.50
Seafood Combination Casserole shrimp, squid & scallop with tofu    14.50
Curry Mixed Vegetable Claypot mixed vegetables served in a clay pot with spicy curry broth.    13.50
Curry Claypot Jumbo Shrimp mixed vegetable & jumbo shrimp served in a clay pot with spicy curry broth.    24.50
Penang Curry Fish Head Claypot fish head with vegetables in chef's special curry broth.    24.50
Penang Assam Fish Head Claypot fish head with vegetables in chef's special spicy tamarind broth.    24.50
Vegetarian Casserole mixed vegetables with tofu served in clay pot.    11.95
Duck pieces of duck simmered in low heat in preserved bean curd with scallion & ginger.    14.50
Green Curry Chicken Claypot sliced of chicken breast in green curry coconut broth with eggplant & string beans.    14.50
Green Curry Seafood Claypot shrimp, squid & scallops in green curry coconut broth with eggplant & string beans.    15.50
Green Curry Mixed Vegetable Claypot mixed vegetable served in a clay pot with spicy green curry broth.    13.50
Fried Fish Head In Casserole     24.50
Sizzling Penang Bean Curd with pork & shrimp    12.95
Sizzling Seafood Combination Delight scallop, shrimp and squid    14.95
Sizzling Beef sliced beef with green or red pepper and onion, served on hot plate.    14.95
Penang Style Spicy Sizzling Beef beef, spring onion, scallion and onions, served with spicy sauce.    14.95

Chef Specialities

Fried Red Snapper / Stripe Bass In Belachan Sauce   
Fried Red Snapper / Stripe Bass In Sweet And Sour Sauce   
Steamed Stripe Bass In Teow Chow Style steamed striped bass served with salted cabbage, shredded pork and bean curd.  
Fried Snapper Fish In Thailand Sauce   
Steamed Fish In Ginger Paste Home Style steamed fish with ginger & garlic paste in traditional style.  
Penang Style Stripe Bass Steamed With Special Sauce steamed fish with special sauce.  
Steamed Fish In Soy Sauce steamed fish with chef soy sauce and to with ginger & scallion.  
Jumbo Prawns In Special Sauce (Head & Shellon) fried jumbo prawns in special brown sauce.    23.95
Coconut Crispy Jumbo Prawns (Head & Shellon) butterflied jumbo prawns in aromatic coconut batter.    23.95
Hot And Spicy Jumbo Prawns (Head & Shellon)     23.95
Penang House Special Jumbo Prawns (Head & Shellon) jumbo prawns cooked with spicy grounded dried shrimp in authentic sauce.    23.95
Jumbo Prawns In Thai Sauce (Head & Shell-On)     23.95
Dried Curry Jumbo Prawns (Head & Shell-On)     23.95
Masak Lemak choice of shrimp, beef or white meat chicken, sauteed with green and red peppers, onion, carrots in spicy aromatic chili gravy.    14.95
Sambal Shrimp gulf shrimp, onion sauteed with malaysian spicy shrimp paste.    11.95
Sambal Shrimp With Petai Belachan sauteed malaysian green bean and shrimp with spicy malaysian shrimp paste. jungle bean.    13.50
Penang House Special Crabs hard shell crab cooked with spicy grounded dried shrimp in authentic sauce.  
Dry Coconut Milk Crabs With Special Herbs hard shell crab marinated with spices, cooked with shredded lemon grass sauce with grounded dried shrimp.  
Hot And Spicy Crab   
Sauteed Frog with kung pao sauce    19.50
Sauted Frog with ginger and scallion    19.50
Mango Shrimp shredded mango cooked with spicy sweet sour sauce served in mango shell.    16.50
Dried Curry Lobster   
Hot And Spicy Lobster   
Penang House Special Lobster lobster cooked with spicy grounded dried shrimp in authentic sauce.  
Clam With House Special Sauce sauteed clam with dried shrimp in authentic sauce.    11.95
Tomyam Clams Claypot slow cooked clam in a sweet, sour and spicy lemon grass broth.    13.50
Deep Fried Mango Fish Fillet fish fillet with shredded mango, cucumber, onion in a sweet & sour sauce.    24.50
Deep Fried Fish Fillet     18.95


Salted Fish with bean sprouts    9.50
Malaysian Buddhist mixed vegetables with beancurd skin and chinese mushroom in chef's special spicy sauce.    9.95
Kang Kung Belacan sauteed convolus chinese watercress with spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce    11.50
Shrimp With String Beans Malaysian Style sauteed shrimp, string beans with spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce    9.95
Bean Curd In Thai Style bean curd topped with vegetables and chinese mushroom in chef's special spicy sauce    9.95
Salted Fish with chinese broccoli    10.50
Shrimp With Ladies Fingers Malaysian Style sauteed shrimp, okra with spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce    9.95
Watercress with preserved beancurd paste sauce    9.95
Asparagus Chicken Malaysian Style     13.95
Asparagus Shrimp Malaysian Style     14.95
Asparagus Shrimp In Lemon Grass Sauce asparagus, shrimps cooked with mushrooms and carrots in lemon grass sauce    15.95
Asparagus Chicken In Lemon Grass Sauce asparagus, chicken cooked with mushrooms and carrots in lemon grass sauce    14.95

Rice Dishes

Nasi Lemak (Combination) coconut rice flavored with cloves & screwpine leaves. served with chili anchovy curry chicken and hard boiled eggs.    7.95
Hainanese Chicken With Rice chicken rice subtly flavored with steamed chicken (with bone & skin on) served with chef`s special soy sauce.    6.50
Curried Chicken With Rice with bones and skins    7.25
Beef Rendang Rice     7.95
Young Chow Fried Rice home style fried rice with egg, pork, shrimp and chinese sausage    7.95
Penang Seafood Fried Rice fried rice with shrimp, egg, squid and scallop    8.50
Pork with dried vegetables rice    6.95
Fried Rice With Salted Fish salted fish fried rice with egg, shrimp and pork.    8.25
Duck (With Bone & Skin) with ginger and scallion rice    6.95
Spicy Thai Chicken Rice rice with steamed chicken (with bone & skin on) topped with chef`s special spicy thai sauce.    6.95
Vegetarian Fried Rice With Egg     7.50
Pineapple Fried Rice shrimp with shredded pineapple, vegetable, basil and egg in fried rice.    9.95
House Special Fried Nasi Lemak special coconut rice fried with shrimp, ham, egg, carrots and green pea.    7.95
Nasi Goreng choice of shrimp, chicken or beef fried rice with malaysian's shrimp paste, green peas, red pepper and egg.    9.50
Basil Fried Rice choice of shrimp, chicken & beef fried rice with basil, onion green & red pepper with egg in the fried rice.    8.95


Penang Pad Thai chef special stir fried thin flat rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, basil leaves and ground peanut.    8.95
Chow Kueh Teow malaysian famous stir fried flat rice noodles with fresh shrimp, squid, bean sprouts, chives, eggs, soy sauce and chili paste.    8.50
Beef Chow Fun stir fried flat noodles in a special sauce with beef, scallion and bean sprouts.    8.50
Singapore Rice Noodles singapore style stir fried rice noodles in special mild sauce with shrimp, splash of worchestershire sauce, bean sprouts, egg and chinese sausage.    8.50
Indian Mee Goreng indian style stir fried egg noodles in an authentic mild dried squid sauce with tofu, potatoes, shrimp, peanut, egg and bean sprouts.    8.50
Hokkien Char Mee thick yellow noodles cooked in heavily flavored soy sauce with shrimp, squid, pork and vegetables.    8.50
Fried Pearl Noodle stir fried flat noodles in a special sauce with shrimp, pork, egg, scallion and bean sprouts.    8.50
Fried Rice Noodles With Salted Fish stir fried rice noodles with salted fish, pork and shrimp, vegetables and bean sprouts.    8.95
Penang Seafood Rice Noodle stir fried rice noodles with squids, shrimp, scallop, egg and vegetables with a splash of spicy soy sauce.    8.95
Mee Siam stir fried rice vermicelli with tofu, shrimp, egg and bean sprout in spicy thai chilli sauce, sprinkle with grounded peanut.    8.95
Cantonese Chow Fun pan fried flat noodles on light brown gravy sauce topped with pork, shrimp, squid and vegetables.    8.95
Seafood Scramble Egg Chow Fun pan fried flat noodles on light brown egg gravy sauce topped with seafood and vegetables.    9.25
Seafood With Crispy Noodle crispy egg noodle on egg gravy sauce with squid, shrimp and scallops.    8.95
Clay Pot Pearl Noodles pearl rice noodles with shrimp, pork and egg gravy in clay pot.    7.95
Clay Pot Noodles home style noodles with vegetables, pork, shrimp and egg gravy. served in a clay pot.    7.95
Prawn Mee penang's favorite! rice and egg noodles, sliced pork, shrimp, vegetables, bean sprouts in a spicy shrimp broth.    7.95
Asam Laksa spicy and sour rice noodles served in chef's special lemon grass broth with fish flakes.    7.95
Kueh Teow Thong flat noodles served in chicken broth with shredded chicken and fish balls.    7.25
Ginger Duck Noodles special egg noodles served in home made soy sauce with ginger and duck (with bones and skin on)    7.95
Wonton Mee special egg noodles served with wonton (minced pork and shrimp) in homemade sauce or chicken broth.    7.50
Fish Head Soup With Rice Noodles deep fried fish head served with carnation milk broth.    7.95
Seafood Tomyam Rice Noodles rice noodle served in spicy and sour lemon grass broth with seafood and straw mushrooms.    8.95
Curry Mee With Young Tau Foo rice and egg noodle with eggplant, bitter melon and tofu stuffed with minced fish served in a clear chicken broth or spicy curry broth.    8.25
Chicken Feet with mushroom    7.50

Side Order

Steamed Chicken Flavored Rice     1.50  7.00
Steamed White Rice     1.25  6.25
Brown Rice     1.75  7.25
Steamed Coconut Flavored Rice     1.50  7.00


Water Melon Drink     3.95
Orange Juice     3.95
Carrot Juice with cream    3.95
Pineapple Juice     3.95
Lychee Drink     3.50
Rambutan Drink     3.50
Longan Ice Drink     3.50
Soya Bean with grass jelly    3.95
Coconut Drink     3.50
Malaysian Ice Coffee     3.25
Malaysian Ice Tea     3.25
Soya Bean Milk     3.25
Durian Shake     4.50
Red Bean Shake     4.50
Lime Juice     3.25
Home Made Ice Lemon Tea     3.50
Frozen Mango Drink     4.50
Green Apple Juice     3.95
Sooi Pooi Drink sour plum    3.25
Thai Ice Tea     3.25
Soda     1.95


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