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Owl Station

  • $$$
  • American (New), Asian Fusion, Japanese, Tapas
  • 28 W Broadway, Boston 02127 42.3426 -71.056586
  • (Btwn Dorchester Ave & Athens St)
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  • (617) 269-1611
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Appetizers - From The Kitchen

A1. Edamame boiled soybeans.    4.95
A2. Gyoza pan fried pork or vegetable dumpling.    4.95
A3. Shumai steamed or fried. shrimp dumpling.    4.95
A4. Beef Tataki thinly sliced rare beef, scallions, onions and spicy ground salt on served with porizu sauce.    7.95
A5. Kushiyaki boiled meat or seafood on skewer with teriyaki sauce.  
A5. Kushiyaki a. chicken.    5.95
A5. Kushiyaki b. beef    6.95
A5. Kushiyaki c. seafood. shrimp & squid    7.95
A6. Soft Shell Crab deep fried soft wheat crab served with spicy ground daikon, scallion & ponzu sauce.    8.95
A7. Oyster * deep fried japanese oyster with sauce mustard sauce.    6.95
A8. Tako Yaki * deep fried octopus nugget with spicy mayo.    6.95
A9. Calamari deep fried squid served with japanese mayo.    8.95
A10. Tempura Appetizer shrimp & vegetable.    9.75
A11. Agedashi Tofu fried tofu served in light broth with scallion & bori flakes.    5.95

Appetizers - From Sushi Bar

B1. Sunomono a selection of fresh seafood served with cucumber and japanese vinegar dressing.    6.95
B2. Tataki thinly sliced rare fish served with scallions, spicy grated radish ponzu sauce.    8.95
B2. Tataki a. tuna, b. yellow tail, c. white tuna.  
B3. Naruto thinly sliced rolled cucumber, crabmeat, avocado, tobiko and japanese vinegar dressing.    7.95
B4. Sashimi Appetizer chef's choice of assorted raw fish fillets.    8.95


SO1. Miso Soup     1.95
SO2. Spicy Seafood Soup *    5.95


C1. Seaweed Salad seasoned assortment of seaweed with cucumber & sesame seeds.    4.95
C2. Avocado Salad avocado, cucumber, tobiko, cucumber mayo (spicy it requested)    5.95
C3. Green Salad     5.25

Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi

Nigiri Sushi / Sashimi. Nigiri Sushi Served 2pcs Per Order. Sashimi Served 3pcs Per Order. Substitute Brown Rice Add $1.

EBI shrimp    6.25  4.50
Hamachi yellowtail    4.75  6.25
Hirame flake    4.75  6.25
Hotate scallop    6.25  4.75
IKA squid    6.25  4.75
Ikura salmon roe    6.55  5.00
Inari fried tofu.    4.50  3.95
Kanikama imitation crab.    5.25  3.75
Maguro tuna    6.75  5.00
Sake salmon    6.50  4.75
Suzuki stripe bass.    6.25  4.75
Tamago egg omelette.    3.95  5.25
Tako octopus    6.25  4.75
Tobiko flying fish roe.    6.25  4.75
Unagi fresh water eel.    9.95  7.50
White Tuna     6.50  4.75
UNI sea urchin.    6.25  7.95
Saba mackerel    6.25  5.00

Station Combo

Served With (M) (S). Any Substitution $1 Extra Or Up Substitute Brown Rice Add $2.

S1. Single 5 sushi & 6 ps salmon roll.    12.95
S2. Double (v). vegetarian combo, 2 small sushi, 6 ps green veggie maki, 6 pcs sweet potato maki.    13.95
S3. Triple * spicy tuna handroll, 6 pcs, salmon avocado roll, 2 shrimp sushi.    14.95
S4. Homerun 3 tuna sashimi (for sushi), 2 yellowtail sushi, 6 pcs california salt.    16.95
S5. Maki Combo tekka maki, california maki, boston maki.   (18pcs) 15.95
S6. Sushi Regular chef's choice of 9pcs of night & 6 pcs of tekka maki.    19.95
S7. Sushi & Sashimi Combo chef's choice of 8 pcs of night & 6 pcs of tekka maki.    19.95
S8. Sashimi Deluxe chef's choice of assorted fish fillet and sushi rice    23.95

Side Order

Steamed Rice     1.55
Sushi Rice     1.95
Brown Rice     2.50


Mochi Ice Cream strawberry, green tea, mango, lychee, red bean.    4.50

House Maki

Brown Rice Substitution Add $2.

H1. Red Sox Maki * lobster, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tobiko & spicy mayo.    11.95
H2. Green Mountain Maki white tuna, avocado, topped with sauweed salad, tobiko & cucumber.    11.95
H3. Ichiro Maki shrimp tempura topped with a layer of eat and avocado.    12.95
H4. Scorpion Maki eel, cucumber, avocado, tobiko topped with shrimp & eel sauce.    12.95
H5. Sunset Maki fried sweet potato with 4 kinds of tobiko, black, wasabi, red & gold.    9.95
H6. Vegetable Dreaming (v). sweet potato topped with avocado & mango.    9.95
H7. Mariner's Maki shrimp, crab stick, avocado, cucumber topped with mango.    11.95
H8. Milton Maki * deep fried sauweed wrapped with salmon, flying fish roe, avocado with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce.    10.95
H9. Wild Cat Maki deep fried seaweed wrapped lobster, cream cheese and eel with teriyaki sauce.    11.95
H10. Christmas Maki * shrimp tempura topped with spicy tuna, cucumber & avocado.    12.95
H11. Taki Maki * fried oyster, cucumber, scallion, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce & sesame on the outside.    10.95
H12. Winter Maki spicy scallops, avocado, cucumber with white tuna & black tobiko on top.    12.95
H14. Summer Maki crab meat, avocado, cucumber with salmon & wasabi tobiko on the top    12.95
H15. Volcano Maki * deep fried seaweed wrapped with crab meat, shrimp, avocado, asparagus with spicy tuna & tobiko on the top    14.95
H16. Autumn Maki * shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce, gold tobiko and ebi on the top.    13.95
H17. Spring Maki mango, asparagus, cucumber and avocado on the top.    9.95
H18. Four Season Maki * spicy lobster with avocado, cucumber, tobiko topped with 3 pcs, salmon and 3 pcs tuna, garnished with seaweed    15.95
H19. Owl Maki * spicy hamachi, cucumber and avocado, topped with touched salmon and hot peppers.    15.95
H20. Southie Maki * white tuna, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo, topped with touched hamachi and scallion.    15.95
H21. Sunrise Maki * spicy white tuna, avocado, cucumber, scallion, unagi and black tobiko on the top.    14.95
H22. Sunshine Maki * spicy hamachi, avocado, cucumber, scallions, soy paper wrapped with white tuna and juice on the top with wasabi sauce.    15.95


(J), (M) & (S). Lightly Battered And Deep Fried Vegetables, Seafood Or Chicken.

TP1. Shrimp & Vegetable     14.95
TP2. Shrimp     15.95
TP3. Chicken & Vegetable     13.95
TP4. Chicken     14.95
TP5. Vegetable     13.95


(J), (M) & (S). Broiled Sauteed Or Tender Meat Served With Marinated Soy Sauce.

TY1. Beef     14.95
TY2. Chicken     13.95
TY3. Salmon     14.95

Agemono $12.95

(J), (M) & (S). Breaded & Deep Fried Meat Served With Japanese Style Sweet & Sour Sauce.

AG1. Tonkatsu pork.    12.95
AG2. Chicken     12.95


Add Salsa Broth $1.

N1. Tempura Udon (s). thick wheat noodles in light soy broth with vegetable & shrimp tempura.    12.95
N3. Sansai Udon (s). thick wheat noodles in soy broth with moutain of vegetables & seaweed.    10.95
N4. Spicy Seafood Udon * (s). thick wheat noodles in spicy broth with esteed seafood & vegetables.    13.95
N5. Yakiudon Or Yaki Soba (m, s). stir fried japanese stick wheat noodles or egg noodles.  
N5. Yakiudon Or Yaki Soba a. chicken.    11.95
N5. Yakiudon Or Yaki Soba b. beef    12.95
N5. Yakiudon Or Yaki Soba c. seafood    13.95
N5. Yakiudon Or Yaki Soba d. eel.    19.95

Don Rice Bowl

D. Unagi-Don grilled water eel.    19.95
D2. Tekka-Don raw tuna.    12.95
D3. Sake-Ikura-Don raw salmon & salmon roe.    12.95
D4. Hamachi-Don raw yellowtail.    13.95
D5. Chirashi-Don raw assorted fish.    15.95

Station Special

Scorpion Bowl vodka, brandy, light rum, grenadine pineapple juice, orange juice.    16.00  8.00
Mai Tai myers rum, dark rum, sour mix, mai tai mix.    8.00
Blue Hawaiian light rum, blue caracao, cream of coconut, pineapple juice.    8.00
Lychee Martini stoli vodka, lychee syrup, dry vermouth.    10.00
Elderflower Martini elderflower, champagne    10.00
Amaretto Chi-City disaronno, brandy, sour mix.    8.00
Pomtini vodka, triple sec, soda, pomegranate juice, lemon juice.    8.00
Yuzu Martini stoli orange vodka, yuzu sake.    10.00
Samurai sake, japanese salted plum paste, sprite soda water, shisho leaf.    8.00
Spicy Dirty Martini stoli jalapeno vodka, olive juice tabasco sauce, dry vermouth.    8.00

Draft Beer

Sapporo japan    5.00
Harpoon IPA domestic    4.50
Carlsberg denmark    5.00
Guinness ireland    5.50
Any Pitcher    ((for 2) 60oz) 16.00

Bottled Beer

Budweiser domestic   (12oz) 4.50
Bud Light domestic   (12oz) 4.50
Bud Light Platinum    (12oz) 5.00
Coors Light domestic   (12oz) 4.50
Kirin japn   (12oz) 5.00
Sapporo japn   (22oz) 8.00
Koshihikari Echigo japn   (17oz) 10.00
Singha thailand   (22oz) 8.00
Corona mexico   (12oz) 5.00
Heineken holland   (12oz) 5.00
Magners ireland   (12oz) 5.00

Bottled Water $3.50

St. Pellegrino Sparkling Water   


Choya Plum Wine With Fruit japan, 750ml.    7.50

White $8

Clifford Bay sauvignon blanc, marlborough, nz.  
Salvalai pinot grigio, italy.  
Firestone "Discovery" chardonnay, ca  

Red $8

Wente, Southeren Hills cabernet, sauvignon, ca.  
Yering Station pinot noir, australia.  
Raymond "R Collection" merlot, napa, ca.  


Owl Station
28 W Broadway
Btwn Dorchester Ave & Athens St
(617) 269-1611
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