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Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

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  • American, Burgers
  • 1246 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02138 42.372772 -71.116594
  • (Btwn Plympton & Bow St)
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  • (617) 354-6559
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Our Homemade Onion Rings "voted the best"   lg 5.99 sm 4.99
Our Very Famous Sweet Potato Fries    sm 3.99 lg 4.99
Cajun Sweet Potato Fries    sm 4.75 lg 5.75
French Fries    sm 3.25 lg 3.99
Cajun French Fries    sm 3.99 lg 4.75
Cheese French Fries    sm 3.99 lg 4.75
Chili French Fries    sm 3.99 lg 4.75
Gravy French Fries    sm 3.99 lg 4.75
1/2 & 1/2 Basket with onion rings and french fries   lg 5.99
Nacho French Fries topped w/ chili, cheese, salsa, sour cream & jalapenos   lg 5.95
Cajun Chicken Tenderloins with honey mustard    lg 5.89
Hummus with pita points and lemon wedge   lg 4.99
Tabouleh with pita points and lemon wedge   lg 4.99
Fishcakes with tartar sauce and lemon wedge    lg 4.75
Soups Of The Day    cup 2.99 bowl 3.99
England Clam Chowder    cup 3.50 bowl 4.50
Vegetarian Chili    cup 3.25 bowl 5.50
Chilled Gazpacho in season   cup 3.25 bowl 4.25


Above Salads Served With Low-Fat Syrian Bread And Choice Of Dressings: Balsamic Vinegrette, Lemon Vinegrette, Zinfandel, Russian, Caesar, Or Blue Cheese ($0.25 Extra).

Garden Salad with mixed greens and veggies   lg 6.50 sm 4.50
Caesar Salad    sm 5.25 lg 7.25
Caesar Salad with marinated chicken breast   lg 8.50
Greek Salad with feta cheese   lg 7.75 sm 5.75
Mid-Eastern Salad with hummus, tabouleh, feta cheese, and tomatoes   lg 8.50
Chef Salad Julienne with turkey, swiss cheese, and egg   lg 8.50
Cobb Salad with chunks of marinated chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, and egg   lg 8.50
Southwest Salad topped with black beans, rice, and salsa and served in a tortilla   lg 8.25
Grilled Chicken Garden Salad with mixed greens, fresh vegetables, grilled chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and onions   lg 9.75
Spinach Salad chopped egg, bacon, walnuts, tomatoes, red onions, drizzled w/ lemon vinaigrette   lg 7.75
Spinach Salad add chicken   lg 9.75


Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers Voted Best Burgers (In America) Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal

The People's Republic Of Cambridge (liberal heaven) topped with cole slaw & russian dressing w/ french fries    10.15
The Viagra (rise to the occasion!) with blue cheese dressing, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and french fries    10.75
The Scott Brown (unemployed!!!) with bacon, american cheese, grilled onions, jalapenos, & french fries    11.60
The Tom Brady (don't pass on this) w/ cheddar, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and fries    10.75
The Jeremy Linsanity (pride of harvard) pizza burger w/marinara sauce, mozzarella & french fries    10.25
The Democrat (they kicked butt) w/ swiss cheese, grilled sauerkraut, russian dressing, & fries    10.25
The Skip Gates (the black sheep of the family) teriyaki burger w/ grilled pineapple & onion rings    11.75
The Jersey Shore (the situation is awful) with bacon, cheese, grilled mushrooms & onions, w/ onion rings    13.75
The Joe Kennedy Iii a liberal amount of burger w/ cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms & french fries    10.25
The Supreme with tomato, lettuce, red onions, and french fries    9.85
The Mark Zuckerberg (richest geek in america) with boursin cheese, bacon, and sweet potato fries    11.75
The Iphone ("siri"ously delicious, ask her) boursin cheese,grilled mushrooms & onions w/sweet potato fries    12.50
The Kevin Garnett (ticket to banner #18) jack cheese burger w/ chili, salsa, sour cream, & french fries    10.85
The Barack Obama (at least he has a job) with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and french fries    10.50
The Marjorie "Double Decker" (14 ounces) a double burger w/cheddar cheese & bbq sauce served with fries (order it before she bans it.....no sharing please)    17.00
The Chara "wicked good" w/ bbq sauce, bacon, jalapeno pineapple relish & grilled onions w/ baked beans    10.75
The Guy Fieri (it's bananas) muenster cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, russian dressing & french fries    10.25
The Joe Biden (crazy joe in 2016) with bacon, american cheese & bbq sauce, w/ french fries    10.85
The Deval Patrick (will tax your taste buds) monterey jack cheese, jalapenos, and salsa, with french fries    10.85
The Michelle Obama (she's hot & spicy) blue cheese burger with cajun seasoning and french fries    10.25
The Economy "A Real" turkey burger w/ stuffing, cranberry, mayonnaise and french fries q    10.25
The Ellsbury (fit and delicious) a veggie burger w/ red peppers, feta, tomato, red onion, garlic mayo, & fries    10.25
The Mitt Romney (feeling really, really "blue") with swiss cheese, grilled onions, & onion rings    11.75
The (Sexy) Rexy Ryan a chicken burger w/ blue cheese, hot sauce and french fries    10.25
The Mindy Kaling (she's a fan, we're a fan) with provolone cheese, grilled peppers, and sweet potato fries    11.75
The Chef Todd Fisher (he's awesome) fried egg,cajun,cole slaw,grilled onion,hot sauce w/onion rings    14.95
The John Farrell (he's no terry francona) w/ garlic, teriyaki, and a side of creamy cole slaw    10.25
The Mayor Mumbles Menino "Mayor Mccheese" topped w/a fried egg, bacon, cheese & fries    11.50
The Elizabeth Warren "Liberaly Anointed" (owes unions big time) with swiss cheese & grilled peppers w/potato salad    10.25
The Mrs. B a burger no roll on a bed of spinach w/chopped egg, crumbled bacon, walnuts, tomatoes, red onion, drizzled with lemon vinaigrette    11.95


Above Dinners Served With Roll And Butter.

Baked Macaroni And Cheese     6.75
Baked Macaroni And Cheese with fishcakes or bacon    8.50
Baked Meatloaf with gravy, vegetable, and potato    8.25
Bowl Of Vegetarian Chili with sour cream and cheese    5.75
Grilled Frankfurts w/ baked beans   (2) 6.99
Grilled Frankfurts fishcakes with beans    6.75
Spaghetti with homemade sauce    6.75
Spaghetti with fish cakes    8.25
Fried Chicken Tenderloins with french fries and cole slaw    7.99
Fried Chicken Tenderloins w/ cajun    8.75
Fish And Chips     8.50
Fishcakes And French Fries     7.99
Roast Stuffed Turkey with gravy, vegetable, and potato    9.25
The Saturday Night burger (no roll) with baked beans and cole slaw   (7oz) 10.25
The Friday Night burger (no roll) with gravy, vegetable, and potato   (7oz) 10.25

Side Kicks

Macaroni And Cheese     3.50
Potato Salad     2.25
Fresh Butternut Squash     3.25
Fresh Carrots     2.75
Cole Slaw     3.25
Boston Baked Beans     2.75
Mashed Potatoes     2.75
Stuffing     1.95
Black Beans & Rice     2.50


The Yale turkey, russian dressing, cole slaw, and tomato    8.75
The Bunker Hill turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise    8.75
The Lesley fried chicken with blue cheese and hot sauce    8.50
The Boston College grilled chicken with sauteed onions and honey mustard    8.50
The Boston University grilled chicken with cheddar cheese and bbq sauce    8.75
The Tufts grilled chicken with pineapple and teriyaki sauce    8.75
The WPI grilled chicken with jack cheese, salsa, and guacamole    8.99
The Bentley a b.l.t. on white or wheat toast    7.99
The Northeastern turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise    8.75
The M.I.T. fried fillet of fish with cheese and tartar sauce    8.25
The Umass grilled chicken with swiss cheese, sautéed peppers, and honey mustard    8.99

Triple-Decker Club Sandwiches

The Lenny Silva (it works) sliced turkey breast with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and french fries    8.99
The Ken Reeves with grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and french fries    8.99
The Mike Sullivan our burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and french fries    10.40

Hot Sandwiches $7.95

To Comfort You. All Sandwiches Are Served On A Roll With One Of The Following: Potato Salad, Black Beans And Rice, Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Tabouleh, Baked Beans, Fresh Carrots, Butternut Squash, Or Fren

The David Letterman 10 good reasons to love this hot meatloaf sandwich with gravy and mashed potatoes  
The Conan O'Brien hot native turkey sandwich with gravy, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes  


All Wrap Sandwiches Are Served With One Of The Following: Potato Salad, Black Beans And Rice, Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Tabouleh, Baked Beans, Fresh Carrots, Butternut Squash, Or French Fries For $1.99 E

The Johnny Cash with black beans, rice, and salsa    7.25
The Johnny Cash add guacamole    8.25
The Jackie Onassis with hummus and tabouleh with lettuce and tomato    8.25
The Al Pacino a caesar salad wrap    7.25
The Al Pacino with chicken    8.95
The Katie Couric a breast of turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise    8.50
The Denis Leary with cajun turkey, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, and red onion    8.50
The Adam Sandler with grilled chicken, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & lettuce    8.95
The Bill Bellicheck fried cajun chicken tenderloins, with lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard    8.50
The Owen Wilson fresh baby spinach, feta cheese, walnuts, red onions, drizzled w/ lemon vinegrette    8.50
The Bob Dylan grilled chicken, jack cheese, and veggie chili    8.75
The John Malkovich grilled chicken, peppers, onions, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato & garlic mayonnaise    8.99

Kids Menu

Substitute Any Vegetable Or Mashed Potato For French Fries On The Above Meals For $0.75 Extra, Add A Kid-Sized Milk Or Soft Drink. For $1.50 Extra, Add A Kid-Sized Lemonade Or Lime Rickey.

Hamburger with french fries    4.75
Cheeseburger with french fries    5.25
Hot Dog with french fries    4.50
Grilled Cheese with french fries    4.59
Chicken Fingers with french fries    4.99
Spaghetti with sauce    4.50


M&M Sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts and cherry    6.50
Oreo Cookie Sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts and cherry    6.50
Strawberry Sundae with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, nuts and cherry    6.50
Apple Pie A La Mode Frappe vanilla frappe with a slice of apple pie, whipped cream and cherry    6.99
Smores Frappe need we say any more    6.99
Banana Split Frappe vanilla ice cream, chocolate, strawberry, bananas, & walnuts topped w/ whipped cream    6.99
Strawberry Shortcake Frappe vanilla frappe w/strawberries, shortbread,whipped cream & cherry    6.99
Cake Batter Frappe (better than ice cream) with whipped cream and cherry    6.99
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frappe with whipped cream and cherry    6.99
Maple Bread Pudding with whipped cream    2.99
Grapenut Custard with whipped cream    2.99
Apple Pie     3.50
Apple Pie a la mode    4.50

Frappes & Drinks

Homemade Frappes (voted best of boston by boston magazine:) vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, or mocha    5.50
Malted Frappes choose a flavor    5.99
Western (Extra Thick) Frappes choose a flavor    6.25
Cookie Frappes oreo or chocolate chip; choose a flavor    5.99
Candy Frappes york peppermint patty, snickers, milky way, m&ms, nestle crunch, reese's; choose a flavor    5.99
Banana Frappes choose a flavor    5.99
Soft Drinks cola, diet cola, orange soda, root beer, ginger ale    1.89
Iced Tea iced coffee, iced sweet green tea    1.99
Brooklyn Egg Creams chocolate, vanilla, or coffee    2.99
Fresh Lime Rickey     2.99
Fresh Raspberry Lime Rickey     3.15
Fresh Lemonade     2.99
Fresh Pink Lemonade     3.15
Fresh Pink Lemonade godzilla - any above drink (bigger!)    0.39
Mr.Bartley's Famous Bottled Rootbeer     1.95
Mr.Bartley's Bottled Spring Water     1.50
Root Beer Float     4.25
Whole Milk     1.95
Orange Or Cranberry Juice     1.79
Hot Coffee Or Pot Of Tea     1.59
Herbal Tea Or Hot Chocolate     2.50
Iced Mocha     2.95
Hot Mulled Cider in season    1.99


Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage
1246 Massachusetts Ave
Btwn Plympton & Bow St
(617) 354-6559
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