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Modern Pastry

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  • 257 HANOVER ST., BOSTON 02113 42.363318 -71.054846
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Cappucino Torrone Our classic white torrone dipped in our distinctive milk coffee chocolate combined with a select blend of espresso beans.    5.50
Caramel Torrone Buttery caramel surrounded by our classic white torrone enrobed by a semi-sweet chocolate.    5.50
Chocolate Torrone A chocolate lovers delight bittersweet nougat with roasted almonds coated in dark semi-sweet chocolate.    5.50
Espresso Torrone Our fluffy white nougat submerged in our exclusive rich dark coffee chocolate carefully blended with only the finest espresso beans.    5.50
Peanut Butter Torrone A milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter center wrapped in our famous white nougat submerged in milk chocolate.    5.50
White Torrone Our familys secret recipe for a fluffy vanilla nougat with roasted almonds.    5.50
White Torrone Chocolate Covered Our traditional white fluffy nougat surrounded by a bittersweet dark chocolate.    5.50
White Torrone w/Gianduia Hazelnut Chocolate Our traditional white torrone with gianduia submerged in just enough dark semi-sweet chocolate to bring out the connoisseur in all    5.50


Almond Biscotti A very traditional biscotti that has taken a modern twist. This cookie is loaded with roasted almonds.    14.50
Bowtie Cookie A delicious butter cookie with a raspberry filling or apricot filling.     10.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie A rich blend of cookie dough and just the right amount of dark chocloate chunks to make your mouth water.    10.00
Anise Cookie A long anise-flavored cookie, that has been doubled baked in order to achieve a light but crisp crunch. This cookie has been a favorite in coffee dunking.    10.00
Champagne Shortbread These delicate shortbread cookies are swirled with color.    10.00
Chocolate Dipped Biscotti Quaresimali Every ones favorite biscotti has now indulged itself in a chocolate. It has been slightly glazed with a delicious bittersweet chocolate. Can you taste it.    22.50
Filled Cookies Torroncini A soft butter flavor cookie filled with a apricot, raspberry, or fig filling.    10.00
Macaroon Cookies An italian delight, a soft and chewy almond cookie sweetened with just the right amount of sugar.     14.50
Pignoli Cookies To those pignolI nut lovers, a soft and chewy almong cookie covered with the best quality pignolI nuts.    22.50
Florentine The best quality melted chocolate sandwiched between a heavenly mixture of chopped almonds, sugar, and our great tasting honey.    22.50
Petti Four Rainbow Cookies This spongy delicate 3-layer colorful cookie has also a multitude of flavors. Each layer is pieced together with a thin glaze of raspberry and the whole cookie is topped with dark chocolate.    10.00
Seeded Cookie Butter sweet cookie enrobed in sesame seeds.    10.00
3 Pound Assorted Cookie Tray This beatifully arranged cookie tray includes 1/2 pounds of macoroon cookies, 1/2 pounds of almond biscottI quaresimalI and two pounds of butter cookies.    39.50
5 Pound Assorted Cookie Tray Five pound assortment cookie tray includes one pound of macaroon cookies, one pound of almond biscottis quaresimali and three pounds of traditional italian butter cookies.    64.00
Butter Cookies Variety of flavors and colors. Pink orange flavor, green almond flavor, white vanilla flavor and chocolate.    10.00
3 Pound Cookie Tray A three pound assortment of traditional italian butter cookies. Each separate cookie tray will be shipped separately. Cookie trays can not be stacked on top of each other when shipped.    35.00
5 Pound Cookie Tray A five pound assortment of traditional italian butter cookies.    55.00
Pizzelle Large     4.75
Pizzelli Small     3.00


Creme Brule  Our homemade custard cooked and cooled finished with caramelized sugar and topped with fresh fruit.  
Babas Italian spongy pastry soaked with rum and strega liquors. Our babas can be enjoyed with a vanilla custard filling or without.  
Cannoli Cannoli- crisp, deep-fried pastry tubes that are filled with cream.    3.50
Chocolate Ganache Three layers of light chocolate sponge soaked with rum and strega liquor. This pastry is filled with chocolate mousse and then toppped with rich, dark chocolate ganache. It is finished with a drizzle of white chocolate ganache.  
Chocolate Mousse Slice Only the finest european chocolates are used. Two layers of rich chocolate cake with a generous layer of divinely scrumptious chocolate mousse topped off with delicious homemade whipped cream, chocolate syrup and rich chocolate chips.  
Eclairs  A puff pastry filled with vanilla custard and finished with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  
Fruit Tart Light and flaky pasta frolla shell filled with one of our delicious creams. The tart is topped with fresh fruit artistically arranged and hand sliced by our pastry chefs.  
Lobster Tail Handmade, crispy shells shaped into a lobster tail filled with our lobster tail cream composed of homemade whipped cream, yellow cream, and ricotta cheese.  
Napolean Deliciously made. Three layers of crispy shell baked to perfection with two layers of yellow cream topped off with buttercream frosting.  
Paragina An italian sponge soaked with rum and strega liquors wedged in between our homemade vanilla custard and a delicious crispy, flaky shell.  
Peach Ganache Three layers of light white sponge soaked with rum and a touch of strega liquor. Filled with chantilly cream and diced peaches. This delictable dessert is finished with a white chocolate ganache and topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache.  
Ricotta Pie A classic italian dessert, made from a recipe handed down through generations. Fresh, rich, sweetened ricotta cream is baked in our heavenly pasta frolla pastry dough.  
Savoy Pastry Italian sponge cake soaked with rum and strega liquors layered with vanilla custard and/or chocolate custard and covered with handmade buttercream frosting.  
Sfogliatella A traditional italian pastry. Handmade, crispy light and flaky layers. Filled with our homemade yellow cream, semolina, cinnamon, and citrus flavoring.  
Strawberry Shortcake A layer of italian sponge cake flavored with rum liquor and filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Topped with white cake and decorated with whip cream. Decorated with whip cream.  
Tiramisu Delicious italian sponge cake soaked with espresso and coffee brandy with two layers of marscapone cheese and a beautiful whipped cream decoration  
Apple Tart A classic italian american dessert. Cinnomon glazed apples baked onto a crust covered a thin layer of yellow cream.  

American Classics

Apple Pie Take a trip down memory lane. Made with thick chunks of orchard fresh apples, not too sweet and not too tart, just right. Kisses of cinnamon and spice, make the apple filling so nice. The filling is nestled between two tender, light and flaky pie crusts.  
Blueberry Pie A new england favorite. Our tender, light and flaky pie crust is, amply filled with perfectly sweetened, melt in your mouth, vine ripened blueberries. A delightful compliment for every occasion, with smiles of blueberries in every bite.  
Banana Cream Pie Your family will go ape over this fabulous dessert. A tender, light, and flaky pie crust is abundantly filled with a creamy, thick vanilla custard and blended with sweet, ripe banana medallions.  
Boston Cream Cake   
Brownies Give some brownie points to show appreciation and thanks! Reward yourself as well with our decadently sinful and richly fudgee brownies. Iced with chocolate buttercream icing. Chewy chocolatey goodness in every bite.  
Carrot Cake Slice Its moist and melts in your mouth, packed with carrots, and spices with a delicious cream cheese frosting, decorated on top with orange colored carrots.  
Chocolate Covered Cheese Cake Traditional cheesecake covered in chocolate.  
Chocolate Cream Pie Chocolate lovers pie. Decadent and velvety smooth chocolate custard, gently folded into our tender, light, and flaky pie crust, a layer of our moist chocolate cake.  
Chocolate Mousse Slice Only the finest european chocolates are used. Two layers of rich chocolate cake with a generous layer of divinely scrumptious chocolate mousse topped off with delicious homemade whipped cream, chocolate syrup and rich chocolate chips.  
Cupcakes Delicious and moist. White or chocolate bases topped off with handmade buttercream frosting and decorated for all occasions.  
Elephant Ears Our light and airy, puffed pastry dough is rolled with layers of cinnamon sugar swirls to make up the ears. Made fresh daily and baked to a golden brown, we promise you will not forget these.  
Flat Tires Our elephant ears with plump juicy raisins, swirled and baked in. These cookies are light sweet, and delicious  
German Chocolate Slice   
Giant Cookies Giant cookies with m & ms in them or chocolate chunks and more.  
Ginger Bread People Our gingerbread is handmade, hand rolled, and hand cut, the way gingerbread men and ladies should be made, with time honored traditions.  
Half Moon Cookies Fresh from our kitchen, for you to enjoy. Our half moon cookies are simply delicious. Two moist golden mini butter cakes, completely covered with moon icings. A light vanilla cream frosting creates the light side of our moon, and a creamy fudge chocolate frosting creates our dark side of the moon.  
Lemon Squares A simple confection, complex in flavor. Our sweet tangy lemon custard is blanketed between two layers of our tender, light, and flaky pie crusts. Baked to a golden brown. This is a true icebox treat.  
Oreo Cookie Cake Slice Two layers of moist chocolate cake filled with a layer of buttercream frosting mixed with crushed oreos. Topped off with a layer of buttercream frosting and chocolate fudge.  

Customized Cakes

Traditional Italian Cakes   
Chocolate & White Filled Cake   
Chocolate & White Not Filled Cake   
Large Fruit Tart   
Specialty Cakes   

Personalized Cakes

Bible Cakes   
Character Cakes Give us a picture and we can create a cake of that picture for you. Here are a few examples.  
Cross Cakes   
Wedding Cakes   

Italian Specialty Items

Camomile Tea Box     2.50

Italian Specialty Items - Coffee

Danesi Italian Espresso Product of italy. Net weight 8.75 oz.    8.25
Guglielmo Large Bag 35.2 oz    30.00
Lavazza Decaffeinated Ground Espresso Product of italy. Net weight 8 oz.    8.75

Italian Specialty Items - Oils and Vinegars

Antica Italian Oil Extra virgin olive oil. Product of italy. Net weight 1 pt .9 fl. Oz.    8.75
Antica Italian Vinegar Balsamic vinegar of modena. Product of italy. Net weight 16.9 fl. Oz.    7.95

Italian Specialty Items - Pizzelle

Pizzelli Small     3.00
Pizzelli Large     4.75

Italian Specialty Items - Savoiardi Ladyfingers

Savoiardi Ladyfingers     4.50

Italian Specialty Items - Confetti

Confetti - 1 Pound Bag A toasted almond coated in an extra fine sugar.    9.00
Confetti - 5 Pound Box A convenient five pound box of confetti used especially for favors in weddings, baptisms and other special occasions.    45.00

Italian Specialty Items - Nutella

Nutella - Small A creamy hazelnut spread with skim milk and cocoa. Net weight 13 oz.    5.00
Nutella - Large A creamy hazelnut spread with skim milk and cocoa. Net weight 26.5 oz.    8.99

Italian Specialty Items - Balocco

Amaretti Cookies A crunchy bite-size macaroon cookie. Product of italy net weight-7 oz    4.25
Wafers - Hazelnut Flavored Bite-size hazelnut cream filled wafers. Product of italy net weight- 8.82 oz.    3.50
Wafers - Chocolate Flavored Bite-size chocolate cream filled wafers. Product of italy net weight- 8.82 oz.    3.50
Wafers - Vanilla Flavored Bite-size vanilla cream filled wafers. Product of italy net weight- 8.82 oz.    3.50


Modern Pastry
Btwn Parmenter St & N Hanover Ct
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