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Hong Kong

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  • Chinese
  • 1238 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02138 42.372537 -71.116033
  • (Btwn Plympton & Quincy St)
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  • (617) 864-5311
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Scallion Pancakes    (serves 12) 25.75
Fried Bean Curd     4.50
Barbecued Spareribs     8.25
Beef Teriyaki     8.25
Boneless Barbecued Spareribs     7.25
Chicken Fingers     7.25
Chicken Wings     6.75
Chicken Teriyaki     7.75
Crab Rangoons     6.95
Egg Rolls    (2) 4.35
Fried Wontons     5.00
Fried Jumbo Shrimps     7.50
Peking Ravioli steamed or pan fried (chicken, vegetable or pork)    6.35
Scallion Pancakes     4.95
Spicy Chicken Wings     7.95
Szechuan Spicy Wontons    (10) 6.10
Vegetable Rolls    (2) 4.35
Vegetable Tempura     5.75
Curly Fries     4.25
Pu Pu Platter crab rangoon (2), chicken fingers (3), chicken wings (2), beef teriyaki (1), boneless ribs (2), chicken teriyaki (1)   sm 12.25
Pu Pu Platter crab rangoon (4), chicken fingers (4), chicken wings (4), egg rolls (2), chicken teriyaki (2), boneless spareribs (4), fried shrimp (2)   lg 20.95

Appetizer Combinations

Boneless Ribs (4), Teriyaki (Beef or Chicken) (2), Chicken Wings (3)     9.45
Fried Shrimp (3), Boneless Spareribs (4), Chicken Wings (2)     9.45
Chicken Fingers (4), Boneless Ribs (4), Chicken Wings (3), Crab Rangoons (2)     10.25


Hot And Sour Soup     3.25
Wonton Soup     3.25
Egg Drop Soup     3.25
Chicken Noodle Soup     3.95
Minced Chicken with sweet corn soup   med 7.25
Seafood Soup    med 7.25
Wonton Noodle Soup    med 6.95
Bean Curd Vegetable Soup     6.95
Chicken Soup with lo mein or fat rice noodles    7.75
Roasted Duck Soup with lo mein or fat rice noodles   med 7.75
Shredded Pork & Szechuan Pickle Soup with noodles   med 7.25


Vegetable Delight steamed or sauteed    8.75
Pea Pods black mushrooms & bamboo shoots    8.75
Meatless Eggplant with vegetables    8.75
Vegetables with bean curd    8.75
Bean Curd with black mushrooms, pea pods & bamboo shoots    8.75
Chinese Style Spinach     7.45
Yu Shiang Broccoli     8.75
Yu Shiang Style Meatless Eggplant     8.75
Yu Shiang Style Meatless Eggplant     8.75
Dried Sauteed String Beans no meat    8.75
Spicy Pan Fried Bean Curd with vegetables    8.75
Szechuan Bean Curd with broccoli    8.75
General Gau's Tofu     8.95


Moo Shi Dishes (chicken, shrimp, beef, pork, duck or vegetable) served with pancakes   (4) 8.95


Dun Dun Noodles served hot    6.75
Garlic Noodles     7.25
Lo Mein vegetable or pork    7.50
Lo Mein beef or chicken    7.75
Tiny Shrimp Lo Mein     7.75
Peking Special Sauce Noodles ground pork sauce    7.25
Ginger scallion & bean sprouts over pan fried noodles    7.40
House Lo Mein with chicken, beef & shrimp    10.45
Gai Poo Lo Mein strips of chicken fried in batter, blended with beef, shrimp & vegetables served on a bed of lo mein.   (for 2) 17.45
Mandarin Chow Mein pan fried noodle bed with assorted meats, shrimp & vegetables.    10.45
Thin Rice Noodles with vegetables    7.60
Singapore Thin Rice Noodles (curry) with chicken, shrimp and pork    8.45
Chow Foon (Fat Rice Noodles) with beef, chicken or tiny shrimp    8.95
Vermicelli with szechuan pickles with choice of pork, chicken or tiny shrimp    7.25

Chicken And Duck

Chicken With Vegetables     10.25
Moo Goo Gai Pan Or Chicken with pea pods    10.25
Chicken With Broccoli Or Chicken With Cashew Nuts     10.25
Ta Chien Chicken sliced chicken with vegetables, sauteed with hot ginger sauce.    10.25
Szechuan Spiced Chicken with peanuts    10.25
Yu Shiang Chicken sliced chicken with vegetables, sauteed in a spicy garlic sauce.    10.25
Chicken With Curry Sauce     10.25
Crispy Roasted Long Island Duck    whole 24.75 half 13.75

Seafood Entrees

Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables Or Pea Pods Or Broccoli     13.35
Sliced Haddock Fillet w. chinese vegetables    10.35
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce (Pork)     10.35
Lobster Sauce pork    7.75
Lobster Cantonese Style     7.75
Mandarin Spicy Shrimp large shrimps with diced onions in a spicy & sour garlic sauce.    13.35
Large Shrimp with special tomato sauce    13.35
Hunan Spiced Crispy Fish Fillet     10.75
Mandarin Spicy Fish Fillet sliced fish deep fried, topped with a spicy tomato sauce.    10.75
Yu Shiang Fish Fillet     10.75
Szechuan Spiced Fish sliced fish deep fried in light batter, topped with a spicy black bean sauce with meat (or without meat).    10.75
Large Shrimp With Scallops large shrimp & scallops cooked with diced peppers, bamboo shoots & water chestnuts in a szechuan sauce.    14.75
Szechuan Spiced Three shrimp, chicken & scallops with bamboo shoots & peanuts in a szechuan sauce.    12.45
Yu Shiang Shrimp or scallop    13.35
Crispy Salted Pepper Shrimp     13.35
Steamed Fish with ginger & scallion    11.45
Steamed Fish In Black Bean Sauce     11.45
Steamed Mussels In Black Bean Sauce with bean sprouts    10.45
Crispy Salted Pepper Fish     11.50

Pork $8.45

Diced Bean Curd with ground pork in szechuan sauce  
Spicy Pan Fried Bean Curd with pork & vegetables  
Sliced Pork with pea pods or broccoli  
Shredded Pork with garlic sauce  
Szechuan Spiced Pork with peanuts  
Pork with scallions  
Chungking Pork sliced pork with black mushrooms, cabbage & bamboo shoots in a spicy sauce.  

Beef $10.45

Beef With Broccoli Or Green Peppers   
Beef With Fresh Mushrooms Or Pea Pods With Oyster Sauce   
Beef With Mixed Vegetables Or Scallions   
Beef With Black Mushrooms, Pea Pods & Bamboo Shoots   
Hunan Beef sliced tender beef sauteed with spicy sauce, served on a bed of spinach.  
Szechuan Spiced Beef with peanuts  
Beef With Curry Sauce Or Beef With Oyster Sauce   
Shredded Beef Szechuan Style shredded beef with celery & carrots cooked in a spicy sauce.  
Shredded Beef Yu Shiang Style shredded beef sauteed with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts & wood ears in a spicy & sour garlic sauce.  

Chow Mein

Beef chicken or shrimp    7.95
Pork Or Vegetable     7.25

Egg Foo Young

Pork Or Vegetable     6.75
Chicken Or Mushroom     7.75
Beef Or Shrimp     7.95

Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice white    6.75
Pork Or Vegetable Fried Rice     6.75
Beef Or Chicken Or Ham Fried Rice     7.75
Shrimp Fried Rice     7.95
House Special Fried Rice white    8.45
Jasmine Rice     1.50
Brown Rice     2.00

Sweet And Sour

Pork     8.25
Chicken     8.75
Fish     9.95


Pineapple Chunks     4.45
Lichee Nuts     4.45
Fried Banana     3.25
Almond Cookies    (4) 2.45

Chow Foon, Pan Fried Noodles Or Rice Plates $9

Mixed Seafood   
Chicken With Vegetables   
Beef With Black Bean Sauce   
Mixed Vegetables   
Beef With Broccoli   
Beef With String Beans   
Shredded Pork   
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce   
Beef With Vegetables   
Fillet Of Fish with vegetables  
Shrimp with vegetables    9.75

Combination Plates

C1. Moo Goo Gai Pan     9.75
C2. Sesame general gau or orange chicken    9.75
C3. Szechuan Spicy Chicken with peanuts    9.75
C4. Chicken With Broccoli     9.75
C5. Chicken With Cashew Nuts     9.75
C6. Chicken Or Pork With Tofu & Broccoli     9.75
C7. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork     9.75
C8. Shrimp with vegetables   (4) 9.75
C9. Three Delights (Chicken, Shrimp (1) & Beef     9.75
C10. Shrimp with lobster sauce (pork)   (4) 9.75
C11. Beef With Fresh Mushrooms     9.75
C12. Chungking Pork     9.75
C13. Beef With Broccoli     9.75
C14. Vegetarian's Delight     9.75
C15. Ta Chien Chicken     9.75
C16. Pork Chow Mein     9.75
C17. Pork Egg Foo Yong     9.75
C18. Szechuan Spicy Tofu     9.75
C19. Pork Fried Rice, Chicken Fingers (4), Crab Rangoons (3)     8.50
C20. Pork Fried Rice, Chicken Wings (2), Boneless Spareribs (4)     8.50
C21. Pork Fried Rice, Egg Roll (1), Chicken Fingers (4)     8.50
C22. Appetizers Special Plate boneless spareribs (3), egg roll (1), chicken fingers (3), chicken wings (2), chicken teriyaki & pork fried rice    11.55

Luncheon Specials

A. Chicken Fingers (4), Crab Rangoons (2), Pork Fried Rice     7.45
B. Boneless Spareribs (4), Chicken Wings (2), Pork Fried Rice     7.45
C. Chicken Teriyaki (1), Chicken Fingers (3), Egg Roll (1), Pork Fried Rice     8.25
D. Chicken Fingers (2), Boneless Spareribs (3), Crab Rangoons (2), Chicken Teriyaki (1), Pork Fried Rice     8.45
E. Steamed Vegetables Over Boiled Rice     6.95
F. Medium Bowl Of Chicken Or Roast Pork Noodle Soup     6.45
G. Crab Rangoons (3), Chicken Wings (2), Beef Teriyaki (1), Pork Fried Rice     8.45
H. Chicken Fingers (4), Chicken Wings (2), Pork Fried Rice     7.45
I. Jumbo Shrimp (2), Crab Rangoons (2), Chicken Wings (2), Pork Fried Rice     8.45
J. Yu Shiang Broccoli with vegetable fried rice or boiled rice    6.75
K. Dried Sauteed String Beans with vegetable fried rice or boiled rice    6.75
L. Vegetable Lo Mein egg roll or chicken wings (2)    6.77
1. Chicken Or Shrimp Chow Mein not lo mein noodle    6.95
2. Pork Egg Foo Yong     6.95
3. Lobster Sauce pork    6.95
4. Szechuan Spicy Chicken with peanuts    7.45
5. Szechuan Spicy Shrimp with peanuts    7.95
6. Sesame general gau or orange chicken    7.95
7. Chicken With Broccoli     7.45
8. Moo Goo Gai Pan     7.45
9. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork     7.45
10. Shrimp With Vegetables     7.95
11. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce pork    7.95
12. Beef With Broccoli     7.95
13. Beef With Fresh Mushrooms     7.45
14. Beef Or Chicken With Peppers & Tomato     7.95
15. Ta Chien Chicken     7.45
16. Chungking Pork with cabbage    7.45
17. Pork With Broccoli     7.45
18. Pork With Onions In Oyster Sauce     6.95
19. Vegetable Delight     6.95

Chef's Specialties

Fisherman's Fury stir fried scallops, large shrimps, mussels & squid in our thai hot chili sauce with fresh mixed vegetables.    14.45
Aromatic Beef crispy beef stir fried with assorted vegetables in our chef's special sauce.    13.45
Crispy Rose Shrimp marinated large shrimp coated with lotus flour sauteed with fresh assorted vegetables in spicy hunan sauce.    13.45
Sesame Shrimp shrimp dipped in lotus flour, fried & cooked in an exquisite sesame sauce.    13.45
Chu Chow Three Delight tender sliced beef, chicken & scallop sauteed with mushrooms & snow pea pods    14.45
Fresh Jumbo Garlic Shrimp slightly fried shrimp with fresh ground pepper & minced garlic.    13.75
Chicken Basil Leaves sauteed chicken white meat with hot basil leaves, onions, mushrooms, scallions, peppers in spicy chili sauce.    10.50
Beef Basil Leaves sauteed beef with hot basil leaves, onions, mushrooms, scallions, peppers in spicy chili sauce.    10.50
Pad Thai famous thai noodle dish stir fried with shrimp, chicken, ground peanut, egg, bean sprouts & scallion.    8.75
Drunken Noodles fresh rice noodles with chicken, string beans, hot chili & basil leaves.    8.75
Hot Basil Noodles egg noodles stir fried with vegetables & choice of chicken or beef in a hot chili sauce with basil leaves.    8.75
Hot Basil Fried Rice spicy hot basil fried rice with scallion, red pepper, onion & choice of chicken or beef.    8.75
Tofu Pad Thai thai rice noodles pan fried with egg, bean sprouts, scallions, ground peanuts & pad thai sauce.    8.75
Pineapple Fried Rice fried rice with chicken, large shrimp, pineapple, snow peas & curry powder.    8.75
Peking Duck courses served in the traditional manner, hot & sour soup, egg drop or wonton soup. the delicate, crispy skin is sliced & served with crepes, scallion brushes & hoisin sauce. the meat is carved separately.   (for 2) 30.95
General Gau's Chicken     10.25
Sesame Chicken Or Orange Chicken     10.25
Lemon Flavored Chicken     10.25
Seafood Special shrimps, scallops, calamari & chinese vegetables cooked in oyster sauce & served on a bed of bean sprouts.    14.75
Three Delights In A Nest scallops, chicken, & large shrimp sauteed with fresh mushrooms, baby corn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, broccoli, pea pods & carrots.    14.75
Crispy Salted Pepper Calamari     10.25
Calamari with black bean sauce    10.25
Calamari with scallions    10.25
Orange Flavored Beef     13.55
Sesame Beef     13.55
Beef & Scallops with broccoli    13.95


Scorpion Bowl our most famous drink for 2 or more people. a secret family recipe of alcohol and juices.  
Bowl For One our famous drink in a single serving.  
Mai Tai our version made with light and dark rums and juice.  
Pina Colada rum, milk, and coconut cream.  
Pineapple Passion rum, whiskey and passion nectars.  
Planters Punch a concoction of rums and juice.  
Fog Cutter vodka, rum, banana liqueur and juice.  
Zombie light, dark and 151 rums and juice.  
Long Island Iced Tea vodka, gin, rum, tequila and triple sec  
Blue Hawaii vodka, rum and blue curacao  


Hong Kong
1238 Massachusetts Ave
Btwn Plympton & Quincy St
(617) 864-5311
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