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Gourmet Dumpling House

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Chinese, Dim Sum
  • 52 Beach St, Boston MA02111 42.3514344 -71.0606823
  • (Btwn Tyler St & Harrison Ave)
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  • (617) 338-6223
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A1. Crab Rangoons no combo.   5.95
A2. Tendon And Beef With Chili Sauce.    7.50
A3. Shanghai Style Smoked Fish    6.95
A4. Chilled Spicy Pork Ears    5.95
A5. Kim Chee sweet and sour.   3.95
A6. Fried Peanuts    3.50
A7. Jelly Fish    9.95
A8. Pickled Cucumbers With Garlic    4.95
A9. Chilled Seaweed With Garlic    4.95
A10. Steamed Pork    6.95
A11. Spicy Dried Anchovies    5.25
A12. Five Spice Cold Cut Roast Beef    7.50
A13. Roast Pig Tongue    5.95
A14. Spicy Beef Tripe    5.95
A15. Steamed Squid pork intestines.   6.95
A16. Combo Of Two any two items: a2 to a15.   9.95
A17. Combo Of Three any three items: a2 to a15   12.95
A18. Crispy Stinky Tofu    6.50
A19. Pei Pa Tofu    7.50
A20. Crispy Fried Tofu    5.25
A21. Preserved Egg With Tofu    5.25
A22. Oyster Pancake With Gravy    6.95
A23. Fried Pork Intestines    6.95
A24. Taiwanese Style Sausages    5.25
A25. Fried Chicken Wings    6.95
A26. Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings    7.95
A27. Fried Chicken Leg    5.25
A28. Fried Spicy Whole Green Peppers    7.50
A29. Baked Beef Baby Ribs    7.95
A30. Spring Rolls   (2) 3.50
A31. Scallion Pancake    4.95


Served On All Kind Buns, It Takes 15 Minutes To Prepare.

A32. Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings With Egg   (10) 6.95
A33. Sandong Style Pan Fried Dumplings with pork and shrimp.  (8) 7.95
A34. Mini Juicy Dumplings With Pork   (8) 7.50
A35. Mini Juicy Dumplings With Pork And Crabmeat   (8) 7.95
A36. Pan Fried Pork Buns   (4) 4.95
A37. Steamed Vegetables Bun   (2) 2.95
A38. Pork And Leeks Dumplings    6.95
served fried.   .25
A39. Pork And Cabbage Dumplings    6.95
add fried.   .25
A40. Beef And Celery Dumplings    6.95
add fried.   .25
A41. Chicken And Cabbage Dumplings    6.95
add fried.   .25
A42. Seafood Dumplings    7.95
add fried.   .25
A43. Fried Buns with chives and egg and dry shrimp.   3.50


C1. Chinese Healthy Herb Pork Ribs Conch Soup    7.95
C2. Gingseng Black Chicken Soup With Pork Ribs    7.95
C3. Chinese Herbal Squid ox tail soup   7.95
C4. Lamb Soup northern chinese style.   7.95
C5. Seafood Soup With Seaweed    7.95
C6. Miso Soup With Fish    7.95
C7. Littleneck Clam Soup    6.95
C8. Taiwanese Style Hot And Sour Soup With Pork    5.95
C9. Julienned Chicken Wonton Soup    5.95
C10. Chicken Corn Soup    6.95
C11. Stripe Bass Soup With Bitter Melon    
C12. Frog And Clam Soup    13.95
C13. Lobster And Mustard Greens In Tofu Soup    
C14. Soup With Pork Intestines And Blood Pudding    5.25
C15. Vegetables Tofu Soup    5.25
C16. Tomato And Egg Drops And Dry Fungus Soup    5.25

Lunch Box, Rice And Noodles

Choice Of Noodles: Shanghai, Taiwan, Rice, Flat, Rice Cake, Yee Mein Or Udon. B22 To B50

B1. Stewed Minced Pork Over Rice    3.95
B2. House Pork Chops Over Rice    6.95
B3. Chicken Cutlet Over Rice    6.95
B4. Sauteed Pig's Feet Over Rice    6.95
B5. Hot Pepper Over Rice With Beef    6.95
B6. Sauteed Pork Julienne with bamboo tips over rice.   6.95
B7. Broccoli With Chicken Over Rice    6.95
B8. Broccoli With Beef Over Rice    6.95
B9. Sliced Fish Over Rice    6.95
B10. Pork Ribs With Bitter Melon Over Rice    6.95
B11. General Gau's Chicken Over Rice    6.95
B12. Scrambled Egg And Tomatoes with beef or chicken over rice.   6.95
B13. Baked Baby Beef Ribs Over Rice    7.95
B14. Fried Tofu Over Rice With Beef    6.95
B15. Braised Tofu Over Rice    6.95
B16. Pork And Chicken Fried Rice With Vegetables    7.25
B17. Ham Fried Rice With Vegetables    7.25
B18. Shrimp And Beef Fried Rice With Vegetables    7.95
B19. Salted Fish And Chicken Fried Rice    7.95
B20. House Fried Rice With Pork And Shrimp    7.95
B21. Vegetable Fried Rice    6.95
B22. Szechuan Style Spicy Combo soup base.   8.95
B23. Noodle Soup With Dumplings    6.95
B24. Noodle Soup With Chicken Julienne Wontons    6.95
B25. Noodle Soup With Pork And Pickled Turnips    6.95
B26. Noodle Soup With Pork And Special Mustard Greens    6.95
B27. Minced Pork With Bread Bean Sauce Over Noodles    6.95
B28. Minced Pork With Noodles north chinese style.   6.95
B29. Tawainese Style Noodle Soup    6.95
B30. Hearty Noodles With Pork And Vegetables    6.95
B31. Beef Stew Noodle Soup With Spinach    6.95
B32. Beef Tondon Noodle Soup    6.95
B33. Seafood Noodle Soup    6.95
B34. Vegetable Noodle Soup    6.95
B35. Pork Chop Noodle Soup    6.95
B36. Noodle Soup With Pork Liver And Spinach    6.95
B37. Pig's Feet Noodle Soup    6.95
B38. House Noodle Soup With Pork And Shrimp    6.95
B39. Shredded Beef with long horn peppers noodle soup.   6.95
B40. Sauteed Flat Noodles With Beef    7.95
B41. Sauteed Noodles With Pork And Vegetables    6.95
B42. Sauteed Noodle With Chicken And Vegetables    6.95
B43. Sauteed Noodles With Beef Or Shrimp vegetables.   7.95
B44. Sauteed Noodles With Seafood And Vegetable    7.95
B45. Taiwanese Style Sauteed Rice Cake with pork and vegetable.   6.95
B46. Sauteed Rice Cake with mustard green or pork.   6.95
B48. Sauteed Yee Mein With Seafood And Vegetables    7.95
B49. Sauteed Yee Mein With Pork And Vegetables    6.95
B50. Sauteed Noodles With Beef And Vegetables in sa-cha sauce.   7.25
B51. Taiwanese Style Sauteed Rice Noodles With Pork And Vegetable    6.95
B52. Singapore Noodles    7.95
B53. Taiwanese Style Sauteed Rice Noodles With Seafood And Vegetables    7.95
B54. Seafood Pan Fried Noodles    8.50
B55. Pan Fried Noodle With Mixed Vegetables    7.75
B56. Chicken And Beef Pan Fried Noodle    8.50
B57. Porridge With Mixed Vegetables    4.95
B58. Seafood Porridge    6.95
B58. Sauteed Udon With Pork And Vegetables    7.95
B59. Pad Thai chicken, shrimp, tofu.   7.95

Lunch Specials $7.50

Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-4:00pm. Combination Of Three: Served Daily Soup, White Rice, Steamed Bread $20.95.

1. Beef With Onion    
2. Sauteed Julienne Beef With Long Horn Peppers    
3. Sauteed Sliced Beef With Okra    
4. Julienned Beef With Chinese Watercress In Sa-Cha Sauce    
6. Beef With American Broccoli    
7. Beef With String Beans    
8. Simmered Essence Chopped Chicken Legs    
9. Curry Chicken    
10. Chicken With American Broccoli Or Shrimp    
11. Kung Pao Chicken    
12. Fried Chicken Szechuan Style    
13. Sesame Chicken    
14. General Gau's Chicken    
15. Asparagus Chicken Or Beef    
16. Twice Cooked Pork    
17. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Bamboo Tips Or Beef    
18. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Mustard Greens And Bean Curd    
19. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Potato Silk    
20. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Bitter Melon    
21. Bitter Melon With Salty Eggs    
22. Pork Bellies With Preserved Vegetables In Brown Sauce    
23. Braised Ribs In BBQ Sauce With Spinach    
24. Sweet And Sour Jing-Du Style Pork chicken   
25. Sweet Pork Intestines With Long Horn Peppers    
26. Sauteed Pickled Mustard Greens With Pork Intestines    
27. Pickled Mustard With Intestine And Blood Pudding    
28. Sauteed Pig's Blood With Leeks    
29. Taiwanese Style Sauteed Pork Liver    
30. Sauteed Pork Kidney With Sesame Oil chili sauce.   
31. Scrambled Eggs And Tomatoes With Shrimp    
32. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Bean Curd    
33. Dry Bean Curd With Chinese Celery    
34. Dry Bean Curd With Long Horn Peppers    
35. Squid With Chinese Celery    
36. Squid With Pickled Mustard Greens    
37. Sauteed Flounder With Vegetables    
38. Sweet And Sour Flounder    
39. Yellow Fish With Brown Sauce    
40. Yellow Fish With Pickled Mustard Greens    
41. Braised Tilapia    
42. Sauteed Littleneck Clams With Basil    
43. Home Style Tofu With Pork    
44. Ma Po Tofu vegetarian.   
45. Braised Tofu With Scallions And Vegetables    
46. Sauteed Chinese Watercress With Garlic    
47. Chinese Broccoli with garlic or oyster sauce.   
48. Sauteed Spinach With Garlic    
49. Sauteed Bitter Melon    
50. Sauteed Chinese Mushrooms Over Greens    
51. Sauteed Chinese Lettuce    
52. Sauteed String Beans With Dried Shrimp    
53. Okra With Sa-Cha Sauce    
54. Special Mustard Greens With Edamame And Fresh Beans    
55. Eggplant With Basil    
56. Sauteed Shrimp With Tofu And Edamame    
57. Braised Pork Feet    
58. Sauteed Bean Sprouts    
59. Seaweed With Pork    


D1. Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken With Basil    10.95
D2. Taiwanese Roll mushi style wraps  (8) 9.95
D3. Crispy Fried Oysters    12.95
D4. Oyster Pancake With Gravy And Eggs, Pork    8.95
D5. Spicy Salt And Pepper scallion. shrimp   11.95
D6. Spicy Salt And Pepper Peeled Shrimp    15.00
D7. Spicy Salt And Pepper Peeled Shrimp    15.95
D8. Spicy Salt And Pepper Fried Fish    13.95
D9. Seaweed With Pork    10.95
D10. Spicy Salt And Pepper Pork Chops    10.95
D11. Sauteed Crab With Ginger And Scallions or spicy salt and pepper   11.95
D12. Spicy Salt And Pepper Soft Shell Crab    15.95
D13. Sauteed Pork And Bean Curd With Yellow Chives    11.95
D14. Sauteed Pig's Blood With Leeks    9.95
D15. Taiwanese Style Sauteed Pork Liver    10.95
D16. Sauteed Pork Kidneys with sesame oil or chili sauce.   10.95
D17. Sauteed Pickled Mustard Greens With Pork Intestines    10.95
D18. Sauteed Pork Intestine With Long Horn Peppers    10.95
D19. Squid With Chinese Celery    11.95
D20. Squid With Pickled Mustard Greens    11.95
D21. Sauteed Shrimp With Tofu And Edamame    10.95
D22. Pickled Mustard Greens with intestines and blood pudding.   10.95
D23. Sauteed Shrimp With Okra In Sa-Cha Sauce    12.95
D24. Sauteed Littleneck Clams With Basil    12.95
D25. Qing Dao Spicy Clams    12.95
D26. Sweet And Sour Flounder    11.95
D27. Sauteed Flounder    10.95
D28. Sliced Fish Szechuan Style    13.95
D29. Yellow Fish With Spicy Bean Curd Sauce    12.95
D30. Pickled Mustard With Tofu And Fish    10.95

Braised, Sweet And Sour, Hot Pot

D31. Fish With Spicy Bean Curd Sauce    12.95
D32. Sauteed Fried Tofu With Fish Filet    11.95
D33. Braised Yellow Fish With Pickled Mustard Greens    12.95
D34. Braised Tilapia Or Pickled Mustard Greens    12.95
D35. Beef With American Broccoli    10.95
D36. Sauteed Beef Julienne With Long Horn Peppers    11.95
D37. Beef With Onion    10.95
D38. Sliced Beef With Szechuan Sauce    13.95
D39. Sauteed Sliced Beef With Okra    12.95
D40. Beef With String Beans    10.95
D41. Beef Julienne with chinese watercress in sa-cha sauce.   10.95
D42. Sizzling Beef With Black Peppers    13.95
D43. Sizzling Baby Beef Ribs    13.95
D44. Fried Chicken Szechuan Style    11.95
D45. Simmered Essence Chopped Chicken Legs In Hot Pot   (3) 10.95
D46. Chestnut Chicken    11.95
D47. Curry Chicken    10.95
D48. Chicken With American Broccoli    10.95
D49. Kung Pao Chicken    10.95
D50. Chicken Szechuan Style    10.95
D51. General Gau's Chicken    10.95
D52. Sesame Chicken    10.95
D53. Mango Chicken    13.95
D54. House Style Asparagus Chicken    12.95
D55. House Style Asparagus Shrimp Or Beef    12.95
D56. Pork twice cooked.   12.95
D57. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Bamboo Tips    10.95
D58. Qing Dao Spicy Pork    11.95
D59. Sliced Pork With Szechuan Sauce    13.95
D60. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Bitter Melons    9.95
D61. Sauteed Pork With Special Mustard Greens And Bean Bowties    10.95
D62. Sauteed Pork Julienne With Potato Slices    9.95
D63. Beijing Shredded Pork    12.95
D64. Yu Hsian Sauteed Shredded Pork In Spicy Sauce    11.95
D65. Yu Hsian Eggplant With Pork    11.95
D66. Braised Roast Pig's Feet    10.95
D67. Northern Style Eggplant With Pork    10.95
D68. Baked Pork Chops Ribs    10.95
D69. Braised Pork Chops With Sweet And Sour Sauce    10.95
D70. Pork Bellies With Preserved Vegetables In Brown Sauce    10.95
D71. Sweet And Sour Pork    10.95
D72. Simmered Essence Frog In Hot Pot    18.95
D73. Simmered Seafood And Tofu Hot Pot    12.95
D74. Simmered Crab And Silk Noodles Hot Pot    12.95
D75. ANTS On The Trees    10.95


E1. Sauteed Chinese Watercress With Garlic special house sauce.   10.95
E2. Vegetarian Treasures eggplant, potatoes, green pepper.  (3) 10.95
E3. Sauteed Shanghai Greens    8.95
E4. Sauteed Snow Pea Pod With Garlic    13.95
E5. Chinese Broccoli with garlic or oyster sauce   9.95
E6. Sauteed Spinach With Garlic    9.95
E7. Sauteed Chinese Lettuce    8.95
E8. Sauteed Bitter Melons    8.95
E9. Bitter Melons With Salty Eggs    9.95
E10. Sauteed String Beans With Dried Little Shrimps    8.95
E11. Home Style Braised Eggplant With Basil    10.95
E12. Special Mustard Greens with edamame and fresh bean curd.   9.95
E13. Sauteed Potatoes With Chili And Vinegar Sauce    8.95
E14. Sauteed Potatoes Slices    8.95
E15. Sauteed Chinese Mushrooms Over Greens    10.95
E16. Home Style Bean Curd With Pork    9.95
E17. Taiwan Style Pan Fried Tofu    8.95
E18. Braised Tofu With Scallion And Vegetables    8.95
E19. Ma Po Tofu vegetarian   8.95
E20. Paradise Garden mixed vegetables.   8.95
E21. Sauteed Bean Sprouts    8.95
E22. Sauteed Okra In Sa-Cha Sauce    10.95
E23. General Gau's Tofu    9.95

Chef's Specials

F1. Spicy Frog Szechuan Style    20.95
F2. Szechuan Style Special Hot Pot frog.   20.95
chicken or pork   12.95
beef or pork intestines.   13.95
lamb or seafood.   15.95
F3. Szechuan Style Bubbling Whole Fish spicy.   
F4. Twin Lobsters Sauteed With Ginger And Scallions    
F5. Lobster With Vermicelli steamed.   
F6. Live Tilapia served fries or steamed.   15.95
F7. Sweet And Sour Yellow Fish    12.95
F8. Braised Stripe Bass with spicy bean curd sauce or steamed.   
F9. Jumbo Shrimp Sweet And Sour Sauce    15.95
F10. Fish With Sweet And Sour Sauce    
F11. Mango Shrimp And Scallops    15.95
F12. Mango Chicken    13.95
F13. Steamed Shrimps With Garlic    15.95
F14. Braised Prime Pig's Leg    15.95
F15. Sauteed Chestnut Pork    12.95
F16. Seafood With Mixed Vegetables In Clay Pot    18.95
F17. Lamb With Mixed Vegetables In Clay Pot    18.95
F18. Lamb Meat With Mixed Vegetables In Clay Pot    18.95
F19. Lobsters With Mixed Vegetables In Clay Pot  sgl 17.95twin 26.95
Gourmet Dumpling House
52 Beach St
Btwn Tyler St & Harrison Ave
(617) 338-6223
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