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China Pearl Restaurant

  • $
  • Chinese, Dim Sum
  • 9 Tyler St, Boston 02111 42.35116 -71.060561
  • (Btwn Kneeland & Beach St)
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  • (617) 426-4338
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Sm / Med / Lg.

Shredded Duck Meat Soup     25.00  20.00  11.00
Mixed Seafood In Thick Soup     15.00  28.00  35.00
Mashed Winter Melon And Crabmeat Soup     12.95  25.00  20.00
Diced Winter Melon And Mixed Meat Soup     9.95  15.00  20.00
Bean Curd With Mixed Meat In Thick Soup     15.00  9.95  20.00
Minced Beef In Thick Soup     15.00  20.00  9.95
Seafood & Bean Curd Soup     15.00  9.95  20.00
Sweet Corn Soup     18.00  13.00  9.95
Hot & Sour Soup *   bowl 4.25
Wonton Soup    bowl 4.25
Egg Drop Soup    bowl 3.95


Teriyaki steak on a stick    6.95
Chicken Teriyaki     6.95
Egg Rolls    (2) 5.35
Spring Rolls vegetables   (2) 5.35
Barbecued Spareribs     10.95
Boneless Spareribs     10.95
Fried Chicken Wings     6.95
Chicken Fingers     7.95
Fried Jumbo Shrimps     12.95
Fried Scallops     16.95
Fried Wontons     5.95
Peking Ravioli    (5) 6.95
Stuffed Crab Claw    (1) 3.95
Deep Fried Shrimp Balls     12.50
Fried Crab Rangoon     6.95
Scallion Pancake     5.95

Pu Pu Platter

Each Additional Person $13.

Pu Pu Platter egg rolls, chicken wings, spare ribs, butterfly shrimps, beef teriyaki    26.00


Steamed Fish   
Lobster With Ginger & Scallions   
Seasonal Filet of Grey Sole (Whole) With Vegetable   
Fish Fillet With Vegetable     19.95
Shrimp Cubes With Vegetable     17.95
Spicy Shrimp With Shell *    12.95
Spicy Shrimp Cubes Without Shell *    17.95
Shrimps With Cashew Nuts     13.95
Pan Fried Shrimps With Tomato Sauce     14.95
Shrimps With Vermicelli     12.95
Shrimp With Scrambled Eggs     11.95
Boiled Shrimp (In Shell) With Ginger Sauce     12.95
Sea Conch With Black Bean Sauce     19.95
Scallop With Vegetable     18.95
Fresh Squid With Vegetable     12.95
Spicy Deep Fried Squid *    12.95
Sea Food Supreme     18.95
Fresh Squid In Sizzling Plate     12.95
Clams In Black Bean Sauce     13.95
Stir Fired Shrimp     14.95
Lobster Sauce     8.95
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce     13.95
Honey Walnut Shrimp     19.95

Vegetable & Bean Curd

Buddha's Delight     9.95
Mixed Chinese Vegetable With Golden Tofu Blocks     9.95
Vegetables With Oyster Sauce     8.95
Chinese Broccoli With Rice Wine & Ginger     12.95
String Bean With Garlic     9.95
Bean Curd With Oyster Sauce     8.95
Bean Curd With Shredded Meat & Bamboo Shoots     9.95
Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd     11.00
Chef's Special Bean Curd     11.00
Spicy Hot Bean Curd With Or Without Meat *    9.95
Minced Crab Meat With Mixed Vegetables     11.00
Spinach With Special Sauce     8.95
Egg Plant With Hunan Sauce *    9.95
Stir Fried Pea Pod Stems   

Squab And Duck

Half / Whole.

Deep Fried Squab (Each)   
Roast Duck     13.00  24.00
Braised Duck With Eight Delights     15.00  28.00
Braised Duck With Vegetables     13.00  24.00
Braised Duck With Buddha's Delight     13.00  24.00
Braised Duck With Black Mushrooms     16.95  29.00
Peking Duck 1. crispy duck skin served with pancakes, 2. duck meat served with vegetable in meat sauce.   whole 38.00


Deep Fried Chicken cantonese style   lg 24.00 sm 13.00
Poached Chicken With Ginger & Scallion    lg 24.00 sm 13.00
Chef's Special Salted Chicken    lg 24.00 sm 13.00
Steamed Chicken With Black Mushroom    lg 11.95
Diced Chicken With Cashew Nut    lg 11.95
Chicken With Bitter Melon    lg 11.95
Chicken With White Mushroom moo goo gai pan   lg 11.95
Chicken With Curry Sauce *   lg 11.95
Chicken With Satay Sauce    lg 11.95
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce In Sizzling Plate    lg 11.95
Lemon Flavor Chicken In Sizzling Plate    lg 13.95
Chicken With Straw Mushrooms    lg 11.95
Hung Sue Gai    lg 11.95
Ho Yu Gai Poo    lg 11.95
General Guo's Chicken    lg 13.95


Sirloin Steak With Bed Of Broccoli     19.95
Beef With Tomato Sauce hong kong style    13.95
Beef With Black Pepper     13.95
Beef With Broccoli In Oyster Sauce hong kong style    13.95
Beef With Broccoli     12.95
Beef With Chinese Vegetables     12.95
Beef With White Mushrooms     12.95
Beef With Pea Pods     12.95
Beef With Tomato Sauce     12.95
Beef With Pepper In Black Bean Sauce     12.95
Beef With Oyster Sauce     12.95
Beef With Ginger & Scallions     12.95
Shredded Beef With Preserved Vegetable     12.95
Curry Beef     12.95
Satay Beef     12.95
Beef Diaphragm With Vegetable     12.95

Pork $11.95

Spicy Pork Chops *  
Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce   
Char Sue Ding   
Roast Pork With Vegetable   
Steamed Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce   
Meat Cake With Ham   
Meat Cake With Salted Eggs   
Meat Cake With Salted Fish     13.95
Meat Cake With Chinese Sausages   
Roast Pork With Vermicelli   
Roast Pork With Scrambled Eggs   

Moo Shi

Pork     10.95
Chicken     10.95
Beef     10.95
Shrimp     12.95

Kung Pao Dishes*

Kung Pao Pork     11.95
Kung Pao Chicken     11.95
Kung Pao Beef     11.95
Kung Pao Shrimp     13.95
Szechuan Shrimp     14.95

Mandarin Cuisine

Orange Beef * crispy aromatic beef sauteed with chef's special orange flavored sauce. this is his favorite beef dish    14.95
Crispy Aromatic Beef * sauteed crispy beef with sweet peppers, mushrooms & broccoli in our chef's special hot aromatic sauce    14.95
Mermaid's Shrimp * crunchy large shrimp with specialty orange sauce. delightful    17.95
Crispy Aromatic Shrimp * sauteed crispy shrimps with sweet peppers, mushrooms & broccoli in our chef's special hot aromatic sauce    17.95
Empress Chicken * large chunks of chicken meat sauteed with pea pods & orange sauce    14.95
Spicy Sauteed Beef * shredded beef sauteed with celery, mushroom & carrots    14.95
Spicy Sauteed Pork * shredded pork sauteed with celery, mushrooms & carrots    13.95
Lake Tung Ting Shrimp shrimp, mushrooms, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots & crispy broccoli sauteed in egg white sauce    18.95
Tung Ting Scallops tender scallops sauteed with broccoli & mushrooms in sherry sauce    18.95
Scallop With Hot Hunan Sauce * scallops expertly sauteed in hot spicy hunan sauce    18.95
Spicy Baby Shrimp * baby shrimps sauteed with celery, mushrooms & carrots    17.95

Sizzling Hot Pot

Beef Brisket With Scallion & Ginger     12.95
Satay Beef With Vermicelli     12.95
Braised Pork With Preserved Cabbage     12.95
Salty Fish With Eggplant     13.95
Seafood With Tofu     14.95
Fish Fillet With Tofu     14.95

Chow Foon Or Noodle

China Pearl Seafood Noodle     12.95
Shrimp With Pan Fried Noodle     10.95
Roast Duck With Pan Fried Noodle     10.95
Beef With Pan Fried Noodle     8.95
Chicken With Pan Fried Noodle     8.95
Shredded Pork With Pan Fried Noodle     8.95
Vegetables With Pan Fried Noodles     8.95
E-Fu Noodle     9.95
Beef Chow Foon     8.95
Beef With Vegetable Chow Foon     8.95
Singapore Noodles     8.50
Assorted Seafood With Noodles (Soup) *    14.95

Lo Mein

Shredded Pork     8.95
Chicken     8.95
Beef     8.95
Shrimp     9.95
Gai Poo     17.95

Egg Foo Young

Pork     8.95
Shrimp     10.95
Chicken     8.95
Ham     8.95

Sweet And Sour

Sweet And Sour Pork     10.95
Imperial Pork     11.95
Imperial Pork Chop     13.95
Sweet And Sour Chicken     10.95
Sweet And Sour Shrimp     16.95
Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet     13.95


Boiled White Rice     1.75
Yang Chow Fried Rice     8.95
Salted Fish Fried Rice     9.95
Shrimp Fried Rice     9.95
Chicken Fried Rice     8.00
Beef Fried Rice     8.95
Subgum Fried Rice     8.00
Pork Fried Rice     8.00

Dim Sum

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling   
Steamed Pork Dumpling   
Steamed Shark Fin Dumpling   
Steamed Pork & Peanuts Dumpling   
Steamed Beef Meat Ball   
Spareribs with black bean sauce  
Chicken Claws with black bean sauce  
Steamed Bean Curd Skin Roll   
Golden Crispy Spring Roll   
Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf Packets   
Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling   
Steamed Omasum with ginger & scallion  
Steamed Stuffed Black Mushroom   
Chicken & Black Mushroom Wrap   
Tara & Duck Feet Wrap   
Stuffed Bean Curd   
Stuffed Eggplant   
Stuffed Green Pepper   
Pan Fried Turnip Cake   
Pan Fried Chives Bun   
Deep Fried Savory Triangle   
Deep Fried Chives Dumpling   
Deep Fried Shrimp Roll   
Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin Roll   
Deep Fried Crab Claw   
Deep Fried Pearl Ball   
Fried Claw With Black Bean Sauce   
Mussels with garlic & black bean sauce  
Beef Internal Delicacies   
Salted Spicy Shrimp with shell  

Rice Noodle Filling

Rice Noodle with shrimp  
Rice Noodle with beef  
Rice Noodle with roast pork  
Pan Fried Rice Noodle with peanut sauce  


Steamed B.B.Q. Bun   
Steamed Chicken Bun   
Steamed Custard Bun   
Steamed Lotus Cream Bun   
Steamed Sausage Bun   
Steamed Sticky Rice Bun   


Deep Fried Sesame Ball   
Mango Pudding   
Waterchestnut Cake   
Coconut Cream Cake   
Coconut & Sago Cream Soup   
Honey Sweet Rice Cake   
Colorful Jello   


China Pearl Restaurant
9 Tyler St
Btwn Kneeland & Beach St
(617) 426-4338
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