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Cafe Japonaise

  • $$$
  • Bakery & Pastries, Coffee & Tea
  • 1020 Beacon St, Brookline 02215 42.351884 -71.122543
  • (At Winslow St)
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  • (617) 738-7200
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Breads & Rolls

Raisin Pan very soft and full of rum-soaked golden and brown raisins  
Heavy Cream Shoku Pan our traditional japanese white bread made with heavy cream, making it softer and richer than our regular shoku pan.  
Multigrain hearty wheat, white, oat and rye flour bread made with sunflower, flax, and sesame seeds  
Sour Dough similar to german rye bread yet not as sour  
Raisin Bun sweet butter bread swirled with rum-soaked golden raisins and baked with a dollop of butter and sprinkled sugar on top.  
Shoku Pan   
Honey Walnut Raisin Rye   
Italian Bread   
Butter Rolls   


Plain Croissant a light, soft and flaky croissant folded with layers of plugra butter for a richer flavor and texture  
Maple Pecan Cinnamon Roll our version of a sticky bun full of pecans, cinnamon and real maple syrup  
Ham & Cheese Croissant croissant wrapped with layers of ham that is local and made with no preservatives, as well as gruyere swiss cheese  
Chocolate Croissant croissant wrapped around chunks of imported belgium chocolate  
Apple Croissant croissant filled with our homemade apple filling made with golden delicious apples and finished with apricot glaze  
Pan Au Raisin swirled with almond flour, custard cream, and rum-soaked golden and brown raisins, and finished with apricot glaze.  
Azuki Cream croissant baked with sweet red beans (azuki), filled with light whip cream and dusted with powdered sugar  
Ichigo Cream croissant layered with our soft, silky custard cream and fresh strawberry slices  
Twist Croissant twisted croissant sprinkled with sugar and caramelized to a golden-brown crisp  
Almond Croissant croissant baked with real almond butter cream, and topped with more almond butter cream and sliced almonds  
Twisted Cinnamon Croissant   

Specialty Breads

Curry Donut a japanese favorite! lightly fried donut filled with homemade japanese-style curry full of beef, onions and carrots. try it warmed up!  
Yasai Roll butter roll baked with lightly sauteed zucchini, carrots, squash, broccoli and peppers, and topped with asiago, parmesan, provolone and fontina cheeses.  
Turkey Roll butter roll baked with thick slices of roasted turkey, mayonnaise and parsley  
Ham Roll butter roll baked with juicy slices of ham made with no preservatives, mayonnaise and parsley  
Ham & Egg Roll another version of our ham roll but made with our egg salad baked on top and parsley  
Tuna Roll soft, butter roll filled with homemade tongol tuna salad  
An Pan this traditional japanese sweet bread is filled with azuki (sweet red beans)  
Melon Pan a light japanese sweet bread covered with a cookie-like outer layer resembling the shape of melon  
Wildberry Scone light, soft and "cakey" , this scone is filled with raspberries and blueberries  
An Donut featured in the boston globe-soft, sugar-encrusted donut filled with sweet red beans (azuki)  
Cake Donuts old-fashioned donut, cakier than our other donuts, perfect for dipping in coffee  
Custard Cream sweet bread filled generously with our silky custard cream and covered with a soft, semi-sweet topping  
Chocolate Horn sweet bread filled with chocolate custard cream and dipped in belgium chocolate  
Twist Donut   
Corn Roll   
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich   
Sandwich Box   


Strawberry Short Cake almond genoise sponge layered with delicate whip cream and fresh strawberry slices  
White Choco Cheese Cake our cheese cake baked with white chocolate (no extra sugar added) and topped with swirls of white chocolate  
Mademoiselle layers of almond and hazelnut meringue, layers of whip cream blended with hazelnut, almond and chocolate, and topped with shaved chocolate.  
Cream Puff light puff pastry filled with rich custard cream, and decorated with whip cream and fresh fruit slices.  
Fruit Tart french pate sable biscuit lined with belgium chocolate and filled with custard cream and fresh fruits.  
Lemon Divine mousse-like sweet cream blended with cottage cheese and lemon juice, and glazed with lemon curd, on top of a thin pate sable cookie  
Cointreau for dark chocolate lovers, truffle-like chocolate laced with cointreau liqueur  
Cheese Cake our version of a rich new york style cheesecake  
Caramel Custard Pudding our creme caramel a rich custard pudding settled in our baked caramel sauce  
Sweet Heart light chocolate mousse on a single layer of chocolate genoise, topped with chocolate shavings and a strawberry  
Azuki Surprise green tea genoise sponge topped with azuki-filled green tea bavarian mousse, and topped with a whip cream rosette and more azuki  
African Queen   
California Dream   
Japonaise Green Tea Cake   
Cheesecake with homemade strawberry jam glaze  

Other Goodies

Ice Cream green tea, red bean, coconut, ginger, vanilla  
Frozen Yogurt vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mango, kiwi, pineapple, nectarine, red bean, banana  
Almond Rusk Cookies   
Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons   


Hot Chocolate   
Milk Shakes   
Assorted Boba Fresh Fruit Shakes   

Japanese Groceries

Assorted Pocky   
Instant Noodles, Cup Of Noodles   

Whole Cakes

Available. Sizes: 6" (Serves 6-8 People) / 9" (Serves 12-15 People)

Strawberry Shortcake   
African Queen   
California Dream   
Japonaise Green Tea Mousse Cake   
Cheese Cake   
White Chocolate Cheese Cake   
Cheese Cake with homemade strawberry jam glaze  


Chicken Cutlet grilled chicken breast breaded with panko, on our own freshly baked buns with vegetable barbeque sauce (tonkatsu sauce)  
Potato Croquette mashed potato patty with carrots and peas inside, sandwiches in our butter roll and flavored with the tonkatsu sauce  
Boxed Sandwiches japanese versions of tea sandwiches, our mixed boxes have different combinations of ham, turkey, egg salad & tuna salad.  


Spicy Tuna sriracha chili sauce flavored tuna  
Konbu seaweed marinated in soy sauced, flavored with sesame seeds  
Ume pickled japanese plum  
Takana green leaf pickled vegetable  


Creamy Dill, Parmesan Caesar, Sesame, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Pesto, Ginger, Lite French

Mesclun Mix (Assorted Mix Of Small, Young Leaves) with shaved iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, hardboiled eggs, carrots and grape tomatoes.  
Chicken Salad bell & evans brand chicken breast (sold at whole foods), vegetables, and grapes mixed with mustard and mayonnaise.  
Egg Salad our signature egg salad, (a varied version with dill added is an option)  
Mozzarella Cheese imported mozzarella  
Seaweed Salad seasoned seaweed salad  
Tuna Salad our signature tuna  


Kabocha Potage (Japanese Winter Squash Soup, It's A Little Different From Buttercup Squash, Sweeter Than Regular Buttercup) creamy soup made with japanese winter squash and japanese sweet potatoes with a kick of black pepper.  
Chicken Noodle Soup homemade chicken stock & meat from bell & evan chickens, the same ones sold at whole foods, with noodles and vegetable  
Vegetable Minestrone tomato-based minestrone, made with homemade vegetable stock and assorted diced vegetables.  

Artisan Bread

Baked In Small Batches, Hand Crafted Bread Made Without Chemicals.

Shoku Pan traditional japanese white bread made with milk, great for french toast or to make sandwiches  
Heavy Cream our traditional japanese white bread made with heavy cream, giving it more taste and making it softer than the shoku pan.  
Whole Wheat our version of whole wheat is light, soft and made with low-fat yogurt giving it more taste.  
Raisin Pan soft and full of rum-soaked black and golden raisins  
Butter Rolls traditional japanese style rolls, soft and slightly rich. our "dinner rolls" are good for any meal or snack.  
Raisin Buns our butter roll dough filled with rum-soaked black and golden raisins and topped  
Multi Grain sesame, flax, oats, sunflower seeds, and white, whole wheat and rye flour  
Sourdough similar to german rye bread, but not as sour  
Honey Walnut Raisin Rye sour dough filled with walnuts and rum-soaked black & gold raisins, recommend this to people as great for slicing and toasting, with toast toppers.  
French Baguette crunchy crust, soft and fluffy bread inside.  
Italian Sesame Baguette the sesame gives it a toasty aroma  
Petit Pan same dough as the baguette, just shaped smaller  


Japanese Snacks / Treats

An Pan traditional bun filled with adzuki bean paste and topped with poppy seeds  
Melon Pan traditional japanese sweet bun with a crispy, slightly sweet biscuit on top. named after looks, not taste (no melons inside, sorry)  
Custard Cream japanese sweet bun filled with our custard cream and topped with the same biscuit as melon pan.  
Chocolate Horn chocolate cream inside, covered with chocolate.  


Almond Croissant our croissant baked with homemade almond paste, sliced almonds on top with powdered sugar sprinkled on  
Apple Croissant homemade apple filling in a fluffy croissant with apricot glaze on top  
Azuki Cream croissant shell lined with azuki paste on bottom, filled with sweetened whipped cream and covered with powdered sugar. our most popular, signature item.  
Chocolate Croissant imported belgian chocolate baked in our croissant.  
Ham & Cheese Croissant preservative free smoked ham and imported swiss gruyere cheese baked into the croissant  
Ichigo Cream croissant filled with our custard cream and fresh strawberries, topped with powdered sugar.  
Maple Pecan Roll similar to, but our own unique croissant version of a sticky bun. filled with maple syrup, cinnamon and pecans, then crowned with more pecans.  
Pain Au Raisin our croissant lined with custard cream and filled with black and gold raisins, brushed with apricot glaze.  
Plain Croissant french butter used in this croissant, plugra butter.  
Twist Croissant crunchy twist croissant, topped with caramelized sugar.  

Savory Rolls

Savory, Rather Than Sweet. All Use The Butter Roll Dough

Ham Roll smoked ham, mayonnaise and parsley  
Ham & Egg Roll smoked ham rolled into the dough, baked with our egg salad and parsley on top.  
Tuna Roll tuna salad, baked in a bun.  
Turkey Roll roasted turkey with mayonnaise and parsley  
Yasai Roll sauteed broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots rolled into the dough, baked with four cheeses (asiago, parmesan, provolone, fontina) on top.  


Moist And Cake-Like Than Normal Scones.

Plain Scone topped with sugar  
Blueberry Scone generous portions of blueberries in the scone  
Chocolate Scone imported chocolate  
Raspberry Scone same as blueberry, but with raspberries  
White Chocolate Scone imported white chocolate  
Wildberry Scone raspberry & blueberry  


Classic Style Yeast Donuts, Except For The Cake Donut (As Opposed To Mass-Produced Baked Powder Donut)

An Donut red bean paste filling, covered in sugar  
Twist Donut soft, light yeast donut covered in sugar  
Cake Donut made with cake flour, it's a dense, old fashioned (baking powder) donut. not a yeast donut  
Chocolate Cake Donut same as above, but covered in chocolate instead  
Curry Donut crispy donut filled with beef & vegetable curry, covered in our own panko crumbs  


Cafe Japonaise
1020 Beacon St
At Winslow St
(617) 738-7200
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