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Brookline Family Turkish Restaurant

  • Turkish
  • 305 Washington St, Brookline 02445 42.333341 -71.119796
  • (Btwn Holden & Harvard St)
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  • (617) 277-4466
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Breakfast Eggs

1 Egg Any Style     3.75
2 Eggs Any Style     4.95
3 Eggs Any Style     5.75


Plain     5.50
Onion     6.20
Western diced ham, onions and peppers.    7.10
Vegetarian diced onions, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms.    7.10
Cheese Style     6.35
Broccoli     6.35
Mushroom     6.35
Peppers     6.35
Tomato     6.35
Spinach & Feta Cheese     7.95
Bacon     6.50
Sausage     6.50
Ham     6.50

Breakfast Sandwiches

Fried Egg     2.50
Fried Egg & Cheese     3.10
Fried Egg With Meat     3.95
Fried Egg & Cheese With Meat     4.20
Western ham, onions and peppers.    4.95

Pancakes & Texas French Toast

Pancake     5.75  2.20
French Toast     6.95  2.75

Turkish Breakfast Plates

Pastirmali Yumurta diced turkish beef and feta cheese omelette.     8.50
Sucuklu Yumurta diced turkish sausage and feta cheese omelette.     8.50
Turkish Meze: A Breakfast Sampler! feta cheese, kashar (turkish cheese), egg, cucumber, tomato, olives and jelly.    9.50
Su Boregi boiled pie with spinach or cheese.    8.50
Turkish Sausage Or Beef Omelette with scallions and choice of feta or kashar cheese. served with home fries or salad.     9.50

Breakfast Side Orders

One Egg     1.60
Bagel assorted bagels.    1.65
Cereal assorted.   box 1.25
Cereal With Milk     2.95
Home Fries    sm 2.75 lg 4.10
Oatmeal     3.20
Peanut Butter    (cup) 0.85
Corned Beef Hash    sm 3.50 lg 4.50
Side Of Breakfast Meat     2.10
Muffin assorted muffins.    2.10
English Muffin     1.25
Toast assorted toasts.    1.25


Greek Salad lettuce, tomato, onions, feta, olives, cucumbers and greek dressing.    7.80
Garden Salad lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, green peppers and greek dressing.    6.80
Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, grated cheese, croutons and caesar dressing.    7.80
Shepard Salad tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, red onions, scallions, oil and vinegar.    7.80
Meat turkey, ham, tuna salad, or chicken salad rolled-up with cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and greek dressing.    7.80
Stuffed Grape Leaves Specialty served with shepard salad & yogurt sauce.    8.30
Eggplant Salad Specialty served with shepard salad & yogurt sauce.    8.30
Hommus Specialty served with shepard salad & yogurt sauce.    8.30
Lentile Kofte & Falafel Specialty served with hommus and shepard salad & yogurt sauce.    8.30


Hamburger    (5oz) 4.50
Cheeseburger    (5oz) 4.95
Roast Beef     5.25
Chicken Cutlet     5.25
Chicken Salad     5.25
Veal Cutlet     6.30
Ham & Cheese     6.30
Turkey     6.30
Tuna Salad     6.30
BLT     5.25

Sandwiches On The Grill

Pastrami Sandwich     5.30
Grilled Cheese Sandwich     3.30
Hot Dog     3.80
Tuna Melt     6.80

Turkish Kebab Sandwiches $7.80

Chicken Adana   
Chicken Shish   
Stuffed Kofte   
Lamb Shish   
Izgara Kofte   

Turkish Vegetable Sandwiches $7.80

Mucver served with hommus.  
Grape Leaves served with hommus.  
Eggplant Salad   
Lentil Kofte   
Falafel served with hommus.  

Cold Sub Sandwiches $7.30

Roast Beef   
Chicken Salad   
Tuna Salad   
Ham & Cheese   

Hot Sub Sandwiches

Meatball     6.80
Chicken Cutlet     6.80
Veal Cutlet     6.80
Eggplant Cutlet     6.80
Stir-Fried Veggie     6.80
Pepper, Egg & Cheese     6.80
Ham, Egg & Cheese     6.80
Sausage, Egg & Cheese     6.80
Pastrami     6.80
Steak & Cheese     6.80
Steak With Vegetable with onions, peppers, or mushrooms.    7.80
Steak Combo     7.80

Special Appetizers

Saksuka lightly pan-fried chunks of eggplant with fresh tomato and onion, served with tomato sauce.    7.10
Okra Appetizer served with carrots, tomatoes and onions.    7.10
Yogurtlu Patlican eggplant with garlic yogurt.    7.10
Su Boregi with feta and minced beef.    8.80
Babaganush smoked eggplant mixed with red and green peppers, tahini, oil and lemon juice.    7.10
Artichoke Heart Salad boiled artichokes, carrots, green peas, fresh and dry dill and black peppers mixed with olive oil dressing.    7.10
Spinach Pie phyllo dough with spinach, feta cheese and onions.    3.75
Anadolu Pazi Kavurma anatolian style swiss chard. lightly pan-fried swiss chard with pine nuts, onions and raisins, little bit spicy and served with cacik on the top.    7.10
Antep Salad mixed ground vegetables. fresh vegetables, green and red peppers, parsley, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, scallion, spicy peppers and mixed house spices grounded and marinated with hot spices.    7.10
Beet Pickles Appetizer     7.80
Haydari yogurt mixed with herbs.    7.80

Cold Appetizers

Sampler Appetizer Plate 4 items from cold and hot appetizers except for fried calamari and fried liver cubes.    19.50
Yaprak Dolma stuffed grape leaves. vine leaves stuffed with rice, pignolia nuts cooked in olive oil.    7.80
Eggplant Salad     7.80
Hommous hummus. chickpeas blended with lemon juice, olive oil and herbs.    7.80
Cacik yogurt mixed with cucumber, garlic, mint and herbs drizzled with olive oil.    4.30
Feta Cheese & Olives     9.50
Lentile Kofte mercimekli kofte. boiled lentil combined with hot pepper salsa (mild), scallions, and parsley, served with romaine lettuce.    7.80
Barbunya turkish red kidney beans tossed with olive oil and lemon.    7.80
Taze Fasulye fresh green beans cooked with onions, spices and light tomato sauce.    7.80
Eggplant with sauce or with yogurt.    7.80

Hot Appetizers

Imam Bayildi stuffed baby eggplant. baby eggplant stuffed with sautéed sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic.    11.95
Sigara Boregi stuffed cheese phyllo. cheese pastries of feta and diced dill wrapped in phyllo and fried.    8.80
Arnavut Cigeri fried liver cubes. tender veal liver breaded and lightly fried blended with seasonings and herbs.    12.95
Falafel deep-fried chickpeas and vegetables blended with middle eastern spices.    7.95
Fried Calamari seasoned and coated squid lightly fried, served with special homemade sauce.    13.50
Mucver boiled zucchini combined egg, feta, parsley, fried in olive oil and served with yogurt sauce.    7.95
Icli Kofte stuffed kofte. wheat bulgur stuffed with ground lamb and seasoning.    8.30


Mercimek Corbasi lentil soup. blend of red lentil beans, turkish seasoning and herbs.  
Yogurt yogurt, mint and spices.  
Tripe made with tripe, vinegar, lemon, flour and black pepper.  
Clam Chowder   
Chicken Soup With Lemon made with chicken, egg, lemon, and rice.  
White Bean   
Mercimek Cobrasi lentil soup. a blend of red lentil beans, turkish seasoning and fresh herbs.  
Collard Greens made with collard greens, rice, carrots, onions and house spices.  
Soup Of The Day contact restaurant for daily selection.  


Sm / Lg. Add Marinated Grilled Chicken To Salad $3.50.

Caesar romaine lettuce, croutons, grated cheese and caesar dressing.    6.50  8.30
Garden iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots.    7.30  6.25
Greek garden salad topped with feta cheese and olives.    8.30  6.95
Caban shepard's salad. tossed tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, parsley with vinegar and oil.    7.95  10.30
Chef garden salad topped with turkey, ham & cheese.    8.30  6.95
Tuna garden salad topped with homemade tuna salad.    9.30  6.95
Chicken garden salad topped with homemade chicken salad.    6.95  8.30
Arugula arugula, tomato, cucumber, onions and feta cheese with oil and vinegar.    8.30  6.95
Green tossed tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and olives with romaine lettuce.    8.30  6.95

Turkish Pizzas

Donerli Pita     17.95
Lahmacun turkish style pizza topped with ground lamb and fresh vegetables.    3.50
Beyaz Peynirli Pide feta cheese pita. a thin dough crust pita stuffed with feta cheese.    17.95
Kasar Peynirli Pide kashar cheese pita. a thin dough crust pita stuffed with kashar cheese.    17.95
Kiymali Pide ground beef pita. a thin dough crust pita stuffed with ground beef.    17.95
Sucuklu Pide turkish sausage pita. a thin dough crust pita stuffed with special turkish sucuk (fresh beef sausage).    18.95
Pastramli Pide turkish pastrami pita. a thin dough crust pita stuffed with slices of sun-dried beef.    18.95
Karisik Pide combination pita. very special thin dough crust pita stuffed with a combination of meats, cheeses and vegetables baked to perfection.    20.30


Spaghetti     7.30
Ziti     7.30
Raviloli     7.30
Pasta With Meatballs In Marinara Sauce     9.30
Pasta With Chicken In Marinara Sauce     10.50
Pasta With Veal In Marinara Sauce     10.50
Pasta With Eggplant In Marinara Sauce     10.50
Pasta With Sausage In Marinara Sauce     10.50
Ziti, Broccoli & Grilled Chicken Marinara     12.50

Kebab With Yogurt Sauce

Mixed Adana Lamb & Chicken With Yogurt Sauce     20.30
Mixed Shish Lamb & Chicken With Yogurt Sauce     20.30
Iskender     20.30
Yogurtlu Adana adana kebab with yogurt sauce    20.30
Yogurtlu Tavuk Adana chicken adana kebab with yogurt sauce    20.30
Lamb Shish Kebab With Yogurt Sauce     21.95
Chicken Shish Kebab With Yogurt Sauce     20.30


Fried Clams served with french fries, tartarr sauce and coleslaw.     15.95
Seafood Platter served with french fries, tartar sauce and coleslaw.     16.95
Fish & Chips served with french fries, tartar sauce and coleslaw.    15.95


Gyro doner kebab. marinated lamb, sliced very thin, cooked on a vertical skewer to perfection.    18.95
Plain Kebab meat only.    14.95
Izgara Kofte grilled kofte. ground lamb seasoned with onions, parsley, seasoning & grilled as flatted meatball.    18.95
Kuzu Pirzola lamb chops. grilled marinated lamb chops served with peppers and tomatoes.    25.95
Adana Kebab ground lamb marinated and skewered with onions, peppers & tomatoes.    18.95
Adana & Chicken Adana Mix ground lamb adana and ground chicken adana marinated and skewered with onions, peppers and tomatoes.    18.95
Tavuk Adana Kebap chicken adana kebab. grilled ground chicken flavored with (mild) hot red peppers seasoned with paprika.    18.95
Mixed Shish Lamb & Chicken tender chunks of lamb and chunks of chicken marinated and skewered with onions, peppers and tomatoes.    18.95
Kuzu Sis Kebap lamb shish kebab. tender & juicy cubes of lamb grilled with tomatoes, green peppers and onions.    19.95
Tavuk Sis Kebap chicken shish kebab. tender chunks of chicken breast marinated and skewered with onions, peppers and tomatoes.    18.95
Karisik Izgara mixed grill. combination of chicken, lamb shish, adana, and grilled kofte, with tomatoes and peppers.    26.95
Hunkar Begendi sultan's delight. a classic turkish dish made baked chunks of lamb and grilled chicken served on eggplant puree.    18.95
Musakka baby eggplant, onions, green peppers & ground lamb baked in fresh tomato sauce.    17.95
Bamya okra entrée. tender baby lamb cooked in a garlic tomato sauce with green peppers, onions, tomatoes & okra. served with pilav.    17.95
String Beans With Lamb And Tomato Sauce     17.95
Sebezli Guvec vegetable casserole, mixed vegetables cooked with chef's special sauce and rice.    17.95
Spinach Yogurt fresh spinach, rice, and onions cooked with light tomato sauce. served with yogurt.    17.95
Daily Chef's Special     35.95


Beyti Kebab ground lamb marinated with cumin, black pepper, salt to taste, dried hot red pepper flakes to taste, olive oil, tomato and tomato sauce, grilled on a skewer and wrapped in lavash and topped with tomato sauce.  
Beyti Kebab with rice or with salad    18.95
Beyti Kebab with yogurt    20.95
Manti served with tomato sauce, finely chopped onions, ground lamb, different herbs, egg, salt, tomatoes, butter, paprika, pepper and garlic yogurt.    17.95
Guvec casserole of boneless lamb with vegetables, eggplant, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions and fresh tomato sauce cooked in oven. served with rice or salad.    17.95
Karniyarik whole eggplant lightly fried in olive oil and stuffed with ground lamb, tomato, onion, garlic, herbs and spices.    17.95
Stuffed Zucchini stuffed with ground lamb, white rice, onion, black peppers, dried hot red pepper flakes, fresh parsley, salt to taste, tomato and tomato paste, light garlic and tomato sauce. served with rice or salad.    17.95
Stuffed Peppers stuffed with ground lamb, white rice, onion, black peppers, dried hot red pepper flakes, fresh parsley, salt to taste, tomato and tomato paste, light garlic and tomato sauce. served with rice or salad.    17.95
Stuffed Chicken With Spinach served with rice or salad.    17.95
Lamb Shank With Vegetables boiled lamb shank steamed with potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, fresh tomato paste and black pepper.    19.95
Dalyan Kofte turkish style meatloaf (lamb or chicken) with vegetables. served with rice or salad.    16.95
Hamsi anchovies. pan fried anchovies with bulgur rice and grilled peppers.    13.95

Side Orders

Onion Rings     5.30
Mozzarella Sticks     5.30
Chicken Tenders     7.30
French Fries    sm 3.95 lg 4.95
Mashed Potatoes    sm 3.95 lg 5.30
Rice    sm 3.95 lg 5.30


Baklava     3.95
Kadayif baked shredded wheat, stuffed with walnuts, and flavored with syrup.    3.95
Sutlac a traditional turkish dessert, includes milk, rice, and sugar to produce a sweet and creamy custard which so often evokes feelings of nostalgia.     3.95
Kunefe baked shredded wheat with our homemade tahini sauce, stuffed with special cheese, flavored syrup and served warm.    6.50
Kazandibi milk pudding slightly burnt on the bottom.    4.50
Sekerpare round and sweetened cookies with syrup, originated from turkey.    3.95
Burma with pistachios or with hazelnuts. burma is a member of the baklava family. it has nearly the same ingredients of the baklava which rolls of very thin pastry leaves with walnut or pistachio between.     3.95
Plain Frozen Yogurt  this wonderful low-fat dessert wouldn`t make you feel guilty after eating a large bowlful.    4.10
Flavored Frozen Yogurt     4.95

Turkish Beverages

Turkish Soda uludag, kola turka.    1.95
Juice cherry, peach, apricot.    2.10
Ayran     1.95
Turkish Coffee     2.95
Turkish Tea    sm 1.50 lg 3.50


Brookline Family Turkish Restaurant
305 Washington St
Btwn Holden & Harvard St
(617) 277-4466
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