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at The Street
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  • Chinese, Dim Sum
  • 55 Boylston St, Chestnut Hill MA02467 42.326237 -71.142633
  • (Btwn Tully St & Holly Ln)
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  • (617) 738-3388
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11:30am-4pm, Sunday Dim Sum 12pm-4:00pm.


Cold Sesame Noodle    4.75
Cold Sesame Noodle With Chicken    4.95
Vegetarian Spring Roll   (2) 3.50
Chicken Spring Roll   (2) 3.75
Pan Seared Peking Ravioli   (6) 5.50
Steamed Peking Ravioli   (6) 5.50
Pan Seared Vegetarian Spinach Ravioli   (6) 5.50
Steamed Vegetarian Spinach Ravioli   (6) 5.50
Steamed Wonton In Hot Pepper And Peanut Sauce   (6) 5.25
Boneless Barbecued Spare Rib    8.50
Barbecued Spare Rib   (6) 12.75
Chicken Finger   (8) 5.75
Aromatic Chicken Wing   (6) 6.95
Steamed Shui Mai   (4) 5.50
Pan Seared Scallion Pancake   (2) 5.50
Crab Rangoon   (6) 5.95
Salt & Peppered Calamari    8.95
Beef Teriyaki   (3) 6.75
Chicken Teriyaki   (3) 5.50


Wonton Soup    3.75
Hot & Sour Soup    3.75
Velvet Chicken And Spinach Soup    3.95
West Lake Beef Soup With Cilantro    3.95
Home Style Miso Bean Curd Soup    3.95

Soup Noodle

Seafood With Vegetable Noodle Soup    9.95
Roasted Duck With Wonton Noodle Soup    9.95
Roasted Duck With Pork Noodle Soup    9.95
Shredded Chicken With Vegetable Noodle Soup    8.95
Shredded Pork Szechuan Pickle Rice Noodle Soup    8.95
Shrimp With Vegetable Noodle Soup    10.95

SPA Selection

With Vegetable. All Are Served With Steamed White Rice.

Steamed Chicken    8.75
Steamed Shrimp    10.95
Steamed Salmon    10.50
Grilled Shrimp    10.95
Grilled Salmon    10.50
Grilled Chicken    9.25

Vegetarian Selection $8.95

All Are Served With Steamed White Rice.

Sauteed Asparagus With Chinese Mushroom    
Sauteed String Bean With Chinese Mushroom    
Sauteed Eggplant With Spinach    
Sauteed Eggplant With Snow Peapod    
Tofu With Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy)    

Lunch Combination

All Are Served With Steamed White Rice

Sweet And Sour Crispy Chicken    9.50
Kung Pao Chicken *   9.50
General Tso's Chicken *   9.50
Sauteed Chicken With Asparagus And Mushroom    9.50
Sesame Chicken    9.50
Sauteed Chicken With Eggplant    9.50
Shredded Chicken With Hoisin Sauce    9.50
Crispy Shrimp With Lemon Sauce    10.95
Sauteed Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables    10.95
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce (White Or Dark)    10.95
Satay Shrimp    10.95
Orange Flavored Shrimp    10.95
Sauteed Shrimp With Ginger And Scallion    10.95
Beef With Mushrooms And Carrots In Teriyaki Sauce    10.50
Orange Flavored Beef *   10.50
Beef With String Beans    10.50
Beef With Fresh Basil In Hot Pepper Sauce    10.50
Beef With Snow Peas    10.50

Noodle & Rice

Lo Mein With Vegetable    7.50
Lo Mein With Choice Of Meat Or Shrimp    8.25
Fried Rice With Choice Of Vegetable, Meat Or Shrimp    7.95
Pan Seared Angle Hair With Vegetable    8.25
Pan Seared Angel Hair With Vegetable And Choice Of Meat    10.25
Pan Seared Angle Hair With Shrimp And Vegetable    10.95
Chow Foon With Vegetable    8.25
Chow Foon With Vegetable And Choice Of Meat    10.25
Chow Foon With Shrimp And Vegetable    10.95
Sauteed Japanese Udon With Vegetable    8.50
Sauteed Japanese Udon With Vegetable & Choice Of Meat    10.25
Singapore Noodle    8.25
Grilled Chicken With Rice Noodle And Spring Roll    9.95
Grilled Shrimp With Rice Noodle And Spring Roll    10.95



Monday-Saturday: 4pm-11pm, Sunday 4pm-10pm.


Cold Sesame Noodle    5.95
Cold Sesame Noodle With Chicken    7.50
Vegetarian Spring Roll   (2) 3.95
Chicken Spring Roll   (2) 4.75
Pan Seared Peking Ravioli   (8) 6.95
Steamed Peking Ravioli   (8) 6.95
Pan Seared Vegetarian Spinach Ravioli   (8) 6.95
Steamed Vegetarian Spinach Ravioli   (8) 6.95
Steamed Wonton In Hot Pepper And Peanut Sauce   (8) 6.75
Boneless Barbecued Spare Rib    10.50
Barbecued Spare Rib   (6) 15.75
Chicken Finger   (10) 7.75
Aromatic Chicken Wing   (8) 9.25
Steamed Shui Mai   (4) 6.25
Pan Seared Scallion Pancake   (2) 5.75
Crab Rangoon   (8) 6.50
Salt & Peppered Calamari    9.50
Beef Teriyaki   (3) 7.50
Chicken Teriyaki   (3) 6.50
Fried Shrimp   (6) 12.00

SPA Selections

All Are Served With Angel Hair Pasta

Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast With Oriental Spices    15.95
Grilled Shrimp Marinated In Asian Five Spices    19.95
Grilled Salmon Steak With Teriyaki Sauce    22.50
Steamed Shrimp With Ginger And Scallion    20.95
Steamed Salmon With Black Bean Sauce    22.50
Steamed Chicken With Mixed Vegetable    15.95
Steamed Lobster With Ginger And Scallion    27.95
Steamed Filet Of Chicken Sea Bass With Wonderful Light Soy Sauce (Must Try)    24.95

Soup $4.50

Wonton Soup    
Hot & Sour Soup    
Velvet Chicken And Spinach Soup    
Egg Drop Soup    
West Lake Beef Soup With Cilantro    
Home Style Miso Bean Curd Soup    


All Are Served With Steamed White Rice

Peking Duck  (1/2 duck) 24.95 39.95
Roasted Half Duck With Oriental Spices    19.95
Chicken With Lemon Grass    16.95
Chicken Soong With Lettuce Leaf    15.95
Sesame Chicken    15.95
General Tso's Chicken *   15.95
Sizzling Chicken In Black Bean Sauce    15.95
Chicken With Assorted Fresh Vegetables    15.95
Chicken With Carrots, Potatoes, And Onions, In Thai Curry Coconut Sauce (Must Try)    16.95
Crispy Chicken Cutlet With Lemon Sauce    16.95
Braised Half Free-Range Chicken With Asparagus And Black Mushrooms (Must Try)    16.95
Moo Shi With Choice Of Meat, Shrimp Or Vegetable Served With 4 Pieces Of Pancake Instead Of Rice    15.95
Shrimp Soong With Lettuce Loaf    18.95
Sauteed Shrimp With Glazed Walnuts    20.95
Crispy Shrimp In Vinaigrette And Garlic Sauce *   20.95
Shrimp With Roasted Black Bean, Garlic And Shallots (Must Try) *   20.95
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce (White Or Dark)    20.95
Sauteed Shrimp With Leeks And Garlic In Sauce Soy Sauce (Must Try)    21.95
Shrimp With Avocado In Plum And Sake Flavor (Must Try)    21.95
Lobster And Ginger Scallion One And One-Half Pounder    27.95
Crispy Filet Of Chilean Sea Bass With Hunan Sauce (Must Try) *   24.95
Sauteed Filet Of Chilean Sea Bass With Asparagus And Chinese Mushroom    22.95
Grilled Sirloin Steak With Chinese Jade Broccoli In Black Pepper Sauce (Must Try) *   27.50
Sauteed Beef With Shallots In Szechuan Sauce *   17.95
Sauteed Beef With Mandarin B.B.Q. Sauce (Must Try) *   17.95
Beef With Asparagus And Mushrooms    17.95
Orange Flavored Beef *   17.95
Double Happiness Beef And Shrimp With Kung Po Sauce *   19.95
Sea Scallops With Roasted Garlic And Scallions In Hotpot (Must Try)    21.95
Mongolian Beef    17.95


Sauteed String Bean    10.50
Sauteed Broccoli With Snow Peapod    10.95
Sauteed Mung Beans, Wood Ear Mushrooms And Fresh Bamboo Shoots    13.95
Sauteed Peapod Leaves (Must Try)    15.95
Sautéed Chinese Cabbage (Baby Bok Choy)    11.50
Sauteed Assorted Vegetables With Bean Curd    10.50
Sauteed Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *   9.95
Sauteed Bean Curd With Jade Rabi And Black Mushroom (Must Try)    13.50
Sauteed Tofu With Minced Pork (Ma Po Tofu) *   13.50
Steamed Eggplant With Roasted Shallots    12.95


Lo Mein With Choice Of Meat Or Shrimp Or Vegetable    8.50
Singapore Noodle (Rice Noodle)    9.50
Sauteed Japanese Udon With Vegetable    9.95
Sauteed Japanese Udon With Meat (Pork, Chicken Or Beef)    11.95
Sauteed Japanese Udon With Shrimp    13.50
Chow Foon With Vegetable    9.95
Chow Foon With Meat (Pork, Chicken Or Beef)    11.95
Chow Foon With Shrimp    13.50
Pan Seared Angel Hair With Vegetable    9.95
Pan Seared Angel Hair With Meat (Pork, Chicken Or Beef)    11.95
Pan Seared Angel Hair With Shrimp    13.50
Vietnamese Style Rice Noodle With Chicken    15.50
Vietnamese Style Rice Noodle With Shrimp    19.95
Pad Thai (Thai Style Noodle)    11.50
Pad Thai With Meat (Pork, Chicken Or Beef)    12.50
Pad Thai With Shrimp    13.50


Steamed Brown Rice (Single Serving)    1.75
Fried Brown Rice With Vegetable (Must Try)    9.95
Fried Brown Rice With Meat (Pork, Chicken, Beef Or Shrimp)    10.95
Fried Rice With Choice Of Meat, Shrimp Or Vegetable    8.50
Fried Rice With Egg And Scallion    7.95
Fried Rice With Egg And Onion    7.95
Young Chow Fried Rice    10.50
Fried Rice With Chinese Sausage    10.25
Fu Chow Fried Rice (Must Try)    13.50


* Moderately Spicy
55 Boylston St
Btwn Tully St & Holly Ln
(617) 738-3388
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